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Fact vs. Fiction About Downsizing to a Retirement Community

Sponsored content submitted by Sonrisa Senior Living.

Considering downsizing to a retirement community often brings apprehension. After a life spent in a large family home, many seniors may feel they are better off at home with all their accumulated possessions, even the things that are no longer of use. But when the facts are sorted from the fiction, downsizing to a retirement community like Sonrisa Senior Living actually has many benefits. For those still deciding about where to enjoy their retirement years, here’s the truth about downsizing to a retirement community.

Fact: Residents can furnish and decorate as they like. Many seniors may be under the impression that retirement communities do not allow residents to bring their own possessions. So, the thought of downsizing - reducing their possessions to fit a smaller living space - becomes an overwhelming prospect. At Sonrisa, we provide spotless, modern, and well-appointed luxury apartments and encourage residents to furnish and decorate them as they please. It’s important to us that each resident feels they are home and still the king (or queen!) of their castle. For Yvonne, a Sonrisa resident and retired teacher, our beautiful apartments helped her make the right decision. “I like the design and layout of the apartments. They are perfect!”

Fact: Active adult retirement communities embrace luxury living. Sonrisa Senior Living is a beautiful, new, and modern community designed for active seniors who want the best life has to offer. Much like a luxury resort, service is number one and staff go the extra mile to ensure each resident is happy and content. And families appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing how well cared for their loved ones are.

As Yvonne noted, “I was looking for a place to retire, and the minute I came in I knew that this was it! This community is different because its design is very modern and attractive. The staff is so helpful and caring, it really felt right to me.”

Fact: So much is provided for residents. Active adults want to live where they are safe, but also able to pursue their own interests and passions. So, there must be amenities that offer residents places and spaces to do that. At Sonrisa our residents can work out in the exercise center, compete on the pickleball court, join a yoga class, or spend a quiet afternoon reading by the pool. Unlike living at home, there’s no need to drive anywhere to do what you want, because everything is onsite and included. This makes downsizing much easier since large objects like exercise equipment can be sold or given away.

Fact: Outstanding meal options are offered every day. We know that nutrition is important but so is presentation. At Sonrisa, our chef-prepared meals are served in an elegant dining room and truly are fine-dining quality. 


For Yvonne, this is one of the highlights of living at Sonrisa. “The wait staff and chef are so helpful! You can tell they really like the food they are serving and always try to make your meal something really special.”

Of course, that doesn’t preclude residents from pursuing their own culinary endeavors in their apartments or on the barbeque. We know the occasional dinner party or family get together makes life even more fun and we encourage our residents to entertain as often as they like. 

Fact: Where you live does matter. While luxury retirement communities like Sonrisa are self-contained and all-inclusive, our residents also appreciate that they have a wonderful and lively community around them in Roseville. Residents can enjoy spending a day in town shopping at the many stores and boutiques, visiting museums or galleries, or enjoying dinner and a movie with friends. 

Fact: Pets are welcome too! Starting a new life in a senior living community doesn’t mean downsizing the things you love. And that includes treasured pets. Sonrisa staff understand that pets are part of the family and leaving them behind is not an option. Pets make life better and healthier for seniors and we make it easy to bring them along by providing a dog park and a dog washing station. 


Fact: It’s easy to forge new friendships in a retirement community. Downsizing to a retirement community is also a great opportunity to expand socially. To Yvonne, the most desirable aspect of life at Sonrisa Senior Living is the “camaraderie among residents and making friendships.” It takes little time to get to know others who share interests and enjoy the same activities. And old friends are always welcome to visit as well!

If luxury retirement is in your future, take a moment to tour Sonrisa Senior Living. Contact us today at 916-713-5471 or visit to schedule a tour and find out all that we have to offer today’s discerning, active seniors.