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Nash + Tender

2770 East Bidwell Street, Suite 400, Folsom, 916-673-9636,, @nashandtender

Oh Nash + Tender, you had me at Hot Chicken & Waffle. My mouth is watering just as I write this. Close your eyes as I describe this divine dish. Wait, that’s not possible since you’re reading. So, keep reading and picture a hot, crisp waffle cut into four pieces. Can you smell the fresh, buttery waffle? Next to that, picture a crisp, juicy chicken tender. Here’s the cool thing: You choose the heat (spice) level of your chicken. If you’re like me, you can take your chicken “mild.” If you’re like my husband, you can take it “hot.” And if you’re really into heat, you can go with “XTRA HOT—Call the Firefighter” or “STUPID HOT—WTF.” (That last one requires a waiver and you must eat it in the restaurant.) Alongside the dish is tasty coleslaw, sweet syrup, and a house-made special sauce. Their menu has a variety of chicken dishes including a Hot Chicken Slider, Hot Tender Salad, Nash + Tender Fries, and a Waffle Sandwich. That last sandwich consists of a waffle crust, chicken tender, mac n’ cheese, coleslaw, pickles, and of course, that amazing special sauce. And they’ve got a secret menu, too, which includes the Nashrito: A breakfast burrito filled with chicken (duh), coleslaw, mac ’n’ cheese, eggs, fries, and special sauce. Nash + Tender says they’re bringing Nashville hot chicken to Folsom and there’s no clucks about it!


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Nash + Tender photo by Taylor Gillespie.