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Q&A with Local Companies: Marni Branz at Posh Baking Company

Roseville, 916-799-1120,

Services or products you offer: CFO (cottage food organization) specializing in fresh-baked deliciousness, including fruit galettes and nine-inch decorative pies. Each small-batch, artisan dessert is created in collaboration with the client and provided using a contact-free ordering and delivery system.

What you enjoy most about your profession: Baking has been in my soul for a very long time and is something I can’t live without. Entrepreneurship in the pastry arts gives me the freedom to create on my terms and produce a product that brings me, and other people, joy.

Customer service is: Giving clients what they’re asking for and responding to complicated situations with grace and understanding, while listening to grievances and creating solutions to best serve those involved.

First job: A hostess at Denny's.

Favorite food: Any food I don't have to cook myself, but especially sushi.

Favorite local restaurant: The Firehouse Restaurant.

Last big purchase: A 21 cubic-feet upright freezer.

Favorite small business: The Fig Tree.

You love living here because: As a native of Southern California, I find that Roseville has a much gentler pace and kinder nature.

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