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Ask the Expert: Where Should I Begin When Starting to Exercise?

Q: Where should I begin when starting to exercise?
A: When first beginning to exercise, the focus for the first 90 days, movement-wise, is mobility and flexibility. Mobility is the amount a single joint can move within its possible range of motion. Flexibility is the amount of stretch that can occur in a muscle across joints. These are the most important exercises to begin with because they indicate how well a person can safely move. Simultaneously, proper breathing is taught. Each person must learn how to breathe correctly to maximize their fitness. Once a person can confidently breathe well and move well, we introduce the concept of exercise, which is specific movements done progressively for a specific purpose.

—Sam Scholtes, Fitness Director, Broadstone Sports Club (a Spare Time Sports Club), 820 Halidon Way, Folsom, 916-984-1288,