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Alamere Falls via Coast Trail

Located In:

13.6 miles out and back.

Difficulty Level:
Moderate; heavily trafficked.


Know Before You Go:
There’s a plethora of poison oak on the trail, which may be difficult to identify in winter. A shortcut is available, which shaves off four miles but requires scrambling down a slippery section of shale and shouldn’t be done at high tide. Wear shoes with traction, long layers, and sun protection. As always, practice Leave No Trace ethics.

 Why We Love It:
Waterfalls cascading into the Pacific Ocean; seaside views through eucalyptus, pines, and oak trees; and enough mileage for a good night’s sleep (if you want to make a weekend of it, we recommend staying at Olema House) make this one of the Bay Area’s best hikes.

photo by @jaimsters


 Fuel Up:
“Eat well and you shall be happy” is what Los Moles ( owner Lito Saldaña considers the art of homemade food. Step into his award-winning eatery and try eight types of traditional, family-inspired mole (pronounced moh-lay) or belly up to the weekend buffet featuring pozole, menudo, café de olla, and more.

photo by Selina Woodham @selly­­_22


Know the Tides

There are two forces responsible for the tides: the moon and the rotational force of the earth. The side of the earth closest to the moon will feel the full gravitational pull of our lunar sidekick, and the ocean tides will rise on this side of the planet. On the opposite side of the moon, water resists the movement of our globe’s rotation, causing waters to rise on this side, too. Most shorelines experience two high tides and two low tides every day. Tide tables can help you plan your trip out to the beach and know when to head out (or back in).   

Los Moles


Top photo by Gary Zsigo. Middle left photo by Kristina Perrone,, @kristinaperrone. Middle right top photo by @jaimsters. Middle right bottom photo by Selina Woodham @selly­­_22. Los Moles photos courtesy of Photography by Steve Lott.