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Take a Hike: Five Lakes Trail

Located In:  Olympic Valley.

Distance:  5 miles out and back.

Difficulty Level:  Moderate; heavily trafficked.

Fuel Up:  Birthed from a group of friends and family, Fireside Pizza Company ( has become one of the region’s most beloved places for fresh-baked pies. Wondering what to order? The Pear & Gorgonzola (baked atop a layer of garlic cream sauce and topped with balsamic-drizzled arugula) and Thai Curry Chicken (ask for it spicy!) are both mouthwatering must-haves.


Fireside Pizza Company


Know Before You Go: Popular trail with swimming and fishing opportunities. The beginning of the hike is steep, so be prepared!

Why We Love It: Five Lakes has all the key ingredients: views, lakes, and easy access with just enough intensity. Proximity to other trails provides many options to extend the hike.

Trail Notes: Expect a surplus of sun, mosquitos, fishing, and swimming opportunities. Prepare accordingly! Wear good shoes, dress in layers, and (as always) practice Leave no Trace ethics.


Stretching 101: Pre-Hike Stretches

Stretching is a key factor in preventing injuries. Here are a few easy options before hitting the trails.

Leg Swings
Lock one leg, hold onto something for balance, and swing the other leg.
Benefits: Stretches your hamstrings and engages the quadriceps.

Calf Stretch
From standing, step one leg back into a lunge position. Bend your front knee and straighten your back leg, keeping your back heel on the ground. The more distance between your legs, the deeper the stretch.
Benefits: Warms up and stretches calves.

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by Ryan Martinez

Dog photo & sunset photo by Matt Palmer, courtesy of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows; Middle left and snow photo by Julie Vance, @50dirtytoes; Fireside Pizza Company photo by Justine Lureva,