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Incredible Pets

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts—and these pictures prove it. Paws for a moment as you peruse this year’s pictorial of local animal companions.

"Our little girl, Pnut, a Chihuahua/Jack Russell terrier mix, is our precious baby girl who was rescued from the Placer SPCA seven years ago."—Kathy & JR Rothermel



Pepper the cattle Lab is a high-energy, fun-loving pooch who will spend all day in the water if you let her. She’ll also do lots of tricks for treats and has a great obsession for frisbees.” —Brianna Whisenhunt



Lucita is six months old and loves to play dress up with her big sister and go on hikes to Folsom Lake.”—Elisa Watkins



Chewy Bear (white) loves chasing anything you throw, but he has an unexplainable fear of our vacuum. Ted (black and white) loves to watch Chewy run and savor his treats.”—Alex Kestler

Chewy Bear and Ted


“My golden retriever, Tucker, loves the water and is the best family dog! We often go to Folsom Lake for a swim.”—John Michael



Karly doesn’t have a mean bone in her body (unless you’re holding a hypodermic needle). I found her new kitten friend, Pandy, meowing all alone outside my office in an El Dorado Hills business park. They’re best buddies now!”—Jim Nystrom

Karly and Pandy


Karlie is a four-year-old Australian shepherd who’s crazy about dock diving and water in general. She’s very loving and affectionate and loves to please.”—Darcy Blessing



Bruce Springsteen is our very handsome bearded gentleman. He loves posting on his Instagram (@bruce_the_beardie_2020), going for long walks, basking in the sun, and eating strawberries.” —Deanna Spittles

Bruce Springsteen


Hank is an eight-year-old German shepherd and Aspen is a four-year-old golden retriever. Both are rescue dogs who love to hike the trails and walk the beach several times a week at Folsom Lake. They’re my best pals!”—Lorrie McClain

Hank and Aspen


Charlie is a one-year-old French bulldog. His special trick is that he can jump high with all four legs off the ground. I call him ‘frog man.’ His favorite food is an empty peanut butter jar, so he can try to get the last lick out. Some nights he turns into a zombie dog; his eyes get wide, he looks at you sideways, then lunges and barks like he’s going to eat you—all for fun! He’s very happy, smart, sensitive, and curious.”—Andrea Lynn Attana



“Eight-year-old Belle and 14-year-old Ruby enjoy the lush green grass on their daily walks at the many local parks they visit.”—Carol Ritter

Belle and Ruby


Zuzu is our pandemic fur baby! She’s a Lab mix and we got her at Wags & Whiskers Dog Rescue in Chico when she was 11 weeks old. She has a blankie she loves sleeping with and especially likes to eat shoes. We’re working on that!”—Debra Linn



Moshi is a 10-week-old American akita who is very adventurous. She loves to rough house and is a very talented sleeper.”—Marvin Goda



Harley is the friendliest, sweetest, furriest little 14-year-old baby. He loves going ‘bye-bye’ and being outdoors.”—Marina Johnson



“Each of our pups—Karma, Roxy, Diva, and Ghost—have a unique personality. You never know what to expect with this bunch, and no matter how sad you might be, they will make you smile, even laugh, whenever they’re around. Diva might bring you a dead gopher (yuck) and Roxy might get into the bathroom garbage pail again (yuck again), but as they say: Girls just want to have fun!”—Cyndi & Dann Fugh

Karma, Rocky, Diva, Ghost, and their human


Milo is a five-year-old bichon frise who is super lazy and loves cuddling on laps and car trips.”
—Marvin Goda



“We adopted Misty from the SPCA. She loves bird watching, laying in the sun, and meows at us when she wants her cat treats!”—Kim Rowe



Griffith Bark (aka Griffey) is our Valentine’s baby and just over a year old. He’s half Lab, half border collie, and loves the lake but hasn’t quite figured out the pool. He sleeps like a human—pillow and all. He’s our baby, and we aren’t just saying that because he whines so much.”—Andy & Dori Alpert



“Nine-year-old Max jumps into any body of water he sees. Nine-month-old CoCo loves food, playing ball, and attacking the garden hose spray!”—Sharon Wilson

Max and Coco


Dino loves people and expects hugs from everybody. He’s ready to meet and greet!” —Dianne Fiori



Buckley came to me at five weeks old as an orphan. Depressed and missing his mom, we bought a baby goat off Craigslist, and the two have been inseparable ever since. You can follow his journey on Facebook or Instagram (@buckleythehighlandcow). He also has an adorable children’s book out (Buckley the Highland Cow and Ralphy the Goat: A True Story about Kindness, Friendship, and Being Yourself).”—Leslie Ackerman



Betsy (below) loves to be with people, bark a lot, and ‘clean’ our floors; Cesar (above) loves to play. They’re best friends!”—Laura Miller

Betsy and Cesar


Biscuit is a five-year-old mini goldendoodle. He loves giving kisses and going on walks along Sutter Street and the local trails.”—Marie Gonzales



Daisy is our nine-year-old rescue who is practically human. She talks, steals pillows, and is always listening with her giant ears. Daisy goes everywhere we go, loves the beach, enjoys rides in our hot rods, stares into our souls for treats, and is truly our best friend who makes us laugh every day.”—Scott and Shannon Dewey



Bourbon loves peanut butter, taking long strolls through the backyard at 3 a.m., reducing his stuffed animals to fluff, socializing with the birdies of the yard, and meeting new friends. He brightens any room, fills our hearts with love, and makes our lives better every single day.” —Jessica Priest and Brandon Davis



Goldie loves playing fetch, hiking, cuddling on the couch, chasing small animals, and especially loves going over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. She’s a high-energy love bug! —Mikey & Emily Corey



Stella (border collie) and Kona (lab mix) are the best adventure buddies! They love a good lizard hunt or squirrel chase. Their favorite place is in the pines; the moment we reach the backroads, Kona—who we lost last year—would start whining and pace in the car with excitement. In this picture, we woke up early to catch the sunrise over the mountains and enjoy breakfast with a view.”—Kayla Silva

Stella and Kona with their human


Who (yes, that’s his name) is our little ambassador at Ponderosa Ridge A Bed & Breakfast. He loves to meet and hang out with our guests.”—Bonnie Kelley



Hershey is nine years old, loves to sleep, and swim in the pool!”—Wendy Lowes



Turner is our three-and-a-half-year-old standard poodle who is the sweetest cuddly lap dog you’ll ever meet. He’s exceptionally smart—having earned his CGC, Rally Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dog titles—but he’s also a mischievous rascal who likes to get in the trash and pull stuff off the counters any chance he gets!”—Pattie Lawler



Dory, my Californian rabbit, loves her end of the couch. I’m lucky she leaves me half!” —Stacey Jonasen



Oswald is 100-plus-pound battering ram! He can plow through anything and can also live to be 80-150 years old. He’s the third largest tortoise species in the world, loves bananas, and is calm, persistent, and gentle.” —Christina Preston



Penny is a pawsome artist with a love for blue paint.”—Delisha Rood



Lucy, our nine-year-old toy Yorkie, likes to dine out, attend outdoor concerts, have picnics in Apple Hill, snuggle, and give lots of kisses”—Pat Tocher and Leonard Campos  



Mickey was a very lovable, beautiful Scottish terrier. He always wanted to cuddle. We recently lost him to cancer and miss him dearly.” —Debbie Saill



“A recent addition to the family, Ryder, a 10-month-old rescue pup, loves taking each toy out to the yard one at a time every morning. His favorite activities, however, are car rides and catching bugs.”—Lindsey Plitt



Levi and Wally, my two sphinxes, turn on the sink to drink water. They’re very sweet and act like dogs.”—Diana Torres

Levi and Wally


Garvey is a two-and-a-half-year-old standard poodle who still acts like a goofy puppy. His favorite things are children, kitties, his big brother, and his recliner!”— Pattie Lawler



Taylor-Star is a 13-pound mini schnauzer with a heart of a lion. She loves going on adventures around Folsom, taking afternoon naps, getting massages, and eating gourmet foods. She’s a real princess.”—Robert Hagge



Nikira has been missing pet therapy and is excited that she will soon be returning to Sacramento’s International Airport with the BARC (Boarding Area Relaxation Corps) teams. Pet therapy is as good for the dogs as it is for the people we meet.”—Kathy Prendergast



Rosco will eat anything dropped on the ground in one second flat and especially loves bananas and blueberries. He’s demanding and a con dog but so lovable.” —Marie Muscat



Sissy is an 11-year-old American shepherd and a loving, loyal friend. She enjoys her walks, her cat, and has been following all COVID-19 protocols (wearing a face mask and social distancing).”—Ron Sexton



Tammy (boxer/pit mix) and Belle Starr are rescues. Tammy is a therapy dog and blood donor and Belle Starr dances for treats.” —Kathy Drew

Tammy and Belle-Starr


Rylee is our munchkin cat who loves standing on her back legs (they have very short front legs). Here she is checking out her dad’s My Health Online information.” —Ellise Blom



“I adopted Suki as a rescue in 2020. She’s a beautiful ‘tortie’ who’s feisty, loving, and has a different meow for everything!” —Samantha Russell



Hoppy Barney isn’t always the sweetest, but he is the softest! He loves fresh veggies from the garden and hopping around the backyard.”—Deanna Spittles

Hoppy Barney


Josie is turning nine this year! Can you say ruler of our house? She loves going for rides with the family and always knows when the weekend has arrived! We love our girl.” —Theresa Arnold



Berkeley—our three-year-old French bulldog—is the biggest, bossiest ham! He loves to be close to us all the time and talks in snorts and head nods. When he wants to go outside, he leans his head back toward the door and gives us a look like ‘up now!’ He also lays in any sunny spot in the house—even if it’s only an inch or two—and loves blueberries.”—Kelly Bush



“We adopted Olivia from Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue. She’s 11 and still enjoys her daily walks (though she naps most of the day) and dog treats.”—Kim Rowe



Evie is a cane corso. Despite knowing more than 40 commands, she still refuses to understand what ‘no digging’ means.”—Katarzyna, Michał, and Melania Misiaszek



Stella is a German shepherd mix. She can walk on her back legs, run sideways when she’s super hyper, and can be very lazy when she wants. Her favorite foods are meatballs and chicken.” —Kelsey Bonstein



“One-year-old Cola loves to play with our rabbit Tank and swim in our pool.”—Wendy Lowes

Cola and Tank


City Cat is our mighty hunter! Rodents don’t stand a chance with her on the watch.” —Bonnie Kelley

City Cat


Dakota is the protector of her family. Her greatest feat was treeing a bear. She loves touch and lots of love and enjoys burying things in the backyard.” —Becky Brewer



Willis, a German wirehaired pointer, is obsessed with tennis balls and loves swimming in Folsom Lake.”—Amy Pierce



“Don’t let that innocent face fool you! Ripley loves to knock over her water bowl daily.”—Joseph and Diana OLooney



Mickey enjoys his weekly trip to our local Starbucks for a refreshing Pupaccino. He’s a happy, friendly dog and is well-known and admired throughout his hometown of Lincoln.”—Jacqueline Thrasher



Harper always insists on showing guests every one of her 50-plus toys and is the hit of every party. Here she is with a ‘puppy party hangover.’” —Amanda Schaffner



Chachi is a 14-year-old Chihuahua who likes traveling with his dad, Lon, and taking souvenir pictures wherever they go. He’s a little grumpy but completely dedicated to his dad.”—Darcy Blessing



Oliver loves to travel with his family and has gotten to go many places. His favorite thing to do at home is play fetch with his ‘stuffies.’ He’s fun, and the most loving and cuddly family member! Follow him on Instagram (@olivers_amazing_travels).”—Becky Brewer



“The newest critter at the ‘Frank Family Zoo’ is Ben’s furry hamster Sherbet. He’s good at being cute and climbs like a competitor on American Ninja Warrior!”—Paul, Darci, Maddie, Sam, & Ben Frank



Dodger was a STYLE Magazine ‘cover model’ back in 2008, and he’s still with us today. In his golden years, he likes long naps, slow walks to the park, and laying down to people watch and soak up some pets from kids. We love our golden mutt (rescue dog)!”—Paul, Darci, Maddie, Sam, & Ben Frank



Frankie, our 14-year-old papillon, was an active little guy in his younger years—doing obedience and agility—but now he mostly sleeps next to me on the couch or on my chair at work.”— Pattie Lawler



“Every day, 16-year-old Duke walks one mile to Green Acres in Rocklin where he receives two Milk-Bone treats from the cashier! He starts barking as we approach the store, so the cashier can get the bones ready for him.” —Marcia Hastings



Bubba, an American bully, loves water bottles and does all the tricks: stand (we don’t like calling it ‘beg’), sit, shake, wave, and lay.”—Diana Torres



Dublin and Guinness love swimming and playing ball, but more importantly they love stealing socks from their mom and dad’s hamper!”—Shannon Odell

Dublin and Guinness


“My English bull terrier, Zoey, who we got at the shelter over eight years ago, brings my slippers to me every night and then brings my wife’s slippers to her. She spins three times and says ‘please’ for her treats and loves to ride in my pickup truck, play dead, and stay warm by the fire.”—Michael Harding



Chirpy Cheeks is a 10-year-old Easter egger rooster who watches carefully over his flock of ladies at our small horse ranch in Roseville. He loves to snuggle his mom’s neck and clicks his beak repeatedly whenever she holds him anywhere close to her neck. He also loves to be carried around by his dad and will fall asleep in his parents’ arms—the only time he feels he can take a break from watching over his young hens. He loves strawberries, blueberries, and mulberries—as long as they’re not hiding any medicine!”—Brandi Reinert

Chirpy Cheeks


Shadow is a sweet, smart and sassy standard poodle with a lot of style!”—JoAnn DeLise



Libby was rescued nine years ago and just turned 15. She’s a happy girl and loves to talk; she has a different tone for treats, going outside, and ear rubs!”—Jeffrey & Tammy DeFault



Top Dogs: Most Popular Breeds

Every dog might have its day, but the breeds below are the most popular in the U.S., according to the American Kennel Club.

Labrador Retriever
•The Labrador retriever has been the most popular dog breed for the last 30 years.
•Despite the name, this breed comes from Newfoundland. It’s unclear how the name “Labrador” came into play.
•Labs are originally duck retrievers with a coat built to withstand the harshest conditions.
•The Lab’s thick tail, often called an “otter tail,” serves as a powerful rudder, constantly moving back and forth, and aides the dog in turning while in the water.

French Bulldog
•Despite the French bulldog being bred as companion dogs, they’re surprisingly good watchdogs.
•The French bulldog’s reputation as a favorite breed among city dwellers originates in France. The breed became associated with Paris café life and the women who frequented the Parisian dancehalls.
•Artists such as Edgar Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec often depicted Frenchies in their paintings.

German Shepherd
•German shepherds were initially bred to herd sheep. Today, they excel as police, military, and service dogs, which some attribute to their high trainability.
•German shepherds aren’t only known for their intelligence, agility, and speed, but they’re also fiercely loyal to their owner.

Golden Retriever
•The first golden retrievers were developed in Scotland in the late 19th century and first appeared at a British dog show in the early 1900s. They arrived in North America shortly thereafter.
•Golden retrievers are used successfully in field trials, hunting, obedience, and as guide dogs for the blind, amongst many other sports and jobs.

•The bulldog is used as the mascot for multiple sports teams; most notably, the Yale Bulldogs and the University of Georgia and their famous mascots, Handsome Dan and Uga, respectively.
•Historical evidence suggests that bulldogs date all the way back to the 13th century.
•Bulldogs have been owned by Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Warren G. Harding.

•The standard poodle was initially bred to be a waterfowl retriever.
•Despite the poodle’s association with the country of France, the name poodle comes from the German word “pudelin,” which refers to splashing in water.
•The flamboyant poodle show coat serves a practical purpose. While retrieving in the water, hunters wanted their dogs to have free range of motion while also protecting their joints and internal organs by keeping them warm.

•President Lyndon B. Johnson owned three beagles: Him, Her, and Edgar (named after J. Edgar Hoover).
•Believe it or not, beagles don’t drool and have minimal shedding.
•The origin of the breed name is shrouded in mystery. Some say it derives from the Gaelic word beag, meaning “little” while others say it comes from the sound hounds made while hunting, which is called “be’geule.”

•Rottweilers initially found popularity as police dogs in the early 20th century.
•Early Rottweilers date back all the way to the Roman Empire.
•The name “Rottweiler” comes from the name of the town, Rottweil, in Germany, where early Rottweilers found work after the collapse of the Roman Empire.

German Shorthaired Pointer
•German shorthaired pointers are versatile hunter and all-purpose bird dogs.
•With their webbed feet, the German shorthaired pointer is one of the finest swimmers out of all recognized dog breeds.
•Origins of the breed date back to the 1700s. To this day, they are among the top-winning breeds in competitive hunting events.

•Dachshunds were developed in Germany over 300 years ago to hunt badger. In German, “dachshund” quite literally translates to “badger dog.”
•Dachshunds come in three different coat varieties (smooth-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired) and two different sizes (standard and miniature).
•The dachshund’s long and low stature was made for the low, dirty subterranean work of digging into a badger’s den to dispatch its occupant.

Compiled by Megan Wiskus

Stella & Kona photo by Alpine K Photography. Other pet photos courtesy of thier respective owners.