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Made Locally with Love

Carmen Backpack


Carmen Backpack, $227 at Covet, Roseville,, @covetca
Made of luscious, silky leather that’s cut, hammered, sewed, and assembled by hand, this backpack/tote is a stylish staple for any wardrobe. Bags can be custom-made and/or personalized, too.

Desert Rose Facial Mist


Desert Rose Facial Mist, $27 at Rosarium, Placerville,, @rosarium_skincare
Made by a licensed holistic esthetician using organic, pure rose hydrosol (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging) and sandalwood (soothing, tightening, and calming), this mist can be spritzed over the face or on the body and hair.

Garden Party Towel


Garden Party Towel, $25 at Haley Titus Studio, Sacramento,,
Created by carving an original design into a linoleum block then hand-pressing it onto a dish cloth, these towels are fashionable, functional, and washing-machine safe. Using sustainable materials, the artist—who’s led by color, pattern, and natural brush strokes—also designs wallpaper, pillows, prints, jewelry, and more.

“World Changer” Printed Tee


“World Changer” Printed Tee, $30 at Think Big Little People, Gold River,, @thinkbiglittlepeople
Hand-painted by the brand’s founder and printed locally using eco-friendly processes and inks, each item in the “Think Big Little People” collection—from bottoms to tops—is thoughtfully designed and ethically and sustainably made for play; sizes 0-8.

Rosemary Birch Soap


Rosemary Birch Soap, $7 at Lavare Soap, Placerville,, @lavaresoap
Naturally colored, chemical-free, and scented with essential oils, this cold-pressed soap is crafted using locally sourced ingredients from area farms, orchards, wineries, and co-ops.

Elderberry Syrup


Elderberry Syrup, $26.99 at Crunchy Cottage, Lincoln,,
Brewed with certified organic elderberries, echinacea, rosehips, ginger, cinnamon, clove, raw apple cider vinegar, and raw unfiltered honey, the delicious, insanely potent blend of rich antioxidants and immune-boosting ingredients will keep you feeling strong and protected from the cold/flu and many other common illnesses.

Live Air Plant Hanging Suncatcher


Live Air Plant Hanging Suncatcher, $45 at Babes That Build, Auburn, @babesthatbuild_
When the light hits the five prisms on this suncatcher—which comes inclusive of an easy-to-care-for air plant—the entire room will illuminate with rainbows.

Beaded Earrings


Beaded Earrings, $60 at Wild Sierra Handmade, Applegate, @wildsierrahandmade
Inspired by nature, these hand-woven turquoise earrings add a fun flair to any outfit and are the perfect gift for poppy lovers or California dreamers. Fun fact: The maker is also a popular wedding photographer; check out her stunning gallery at

Genuine Leather Interchangeable Headbands


Genuine Leather Interchangeable Headbands, $12 at Bows & Earrings, Orangevale,, @danielleryannbows
One metal headband comes with three hand-cut bows of your choice that easily slide on and off. The maker also creates chic leather earrings that are so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

“The House is Clean” Candle


“The House is Clean” Candle, $25 at Align Botanics Candle Co., Cameron Park,, @alignbotanics.candleco
Entirely handmade—from the wicking, blending, and pouring to the labelling—each non-toxic, sassily named candle is also crafted from clean ingredients and hypoallergenic scents.

by Megan Wiskus

Items subject to availability and prices subject to change.