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Ask the Experts: What Are Some Early Warning Signs of Hearing Loss?

Q: What are some early warning signs of hearing loss?

A: Hearing loss can be insidious, slow, and progressive; therefore, it oftentimes goes unnoticed. Here are some early signs to watch for.

•    Difficulty hearing others in background noise.
•    Difficulty hearing children’s and women’s voices.
•    Asking others to repeat what they’re saying.
•    Turning up the television louder than others prefer.
•    Difficulty hearing on the telephone.
•    Putting the cell phone on speaker becomes easier to hear than listening with it on the ear.
•    Asking others to speak clearly.
•    Noticing that it’s difficult to hear others when they speak fast.
•    Sounds are muffled and dull.

It’s important to establish a baseline and monitor one’s hearing to keep your ears healthy.
—Roselynn Gamboa Young, Doctor of Audiology
Roseville Diagnostic Hearing Center, 1411 Secret Ravine Parkway, Suite 120, Roseville, 916-780-4200,