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The New Norm: 8 Hot Home Trends

We’ve all been there—interrupted Zoom meetings, daydreaming of our next home renovation, and shamelessly posting our latest culinary creation. Last year changed the way we live in and outside our homes. As we rethink our home's functionality, features we never knew we needed—such as a home gym or no-touch appliances—are becoming more important than ever. The trends that follow won’t only add comfort but extra value to your home, too.

1) Zoom Rooms
As people continue to receive more clarity from their employers about the ability to telecommute long-term, it’s triggering a move to homes with more space. And, as people tire of working from a kitchen table, they want a more permanent—and quiet—solution for their at-home office.

As telecommuting long-term becomes more common, it’s triggering a move to homes with more space.


2) Homecation Amenities
With lots of time and nowhere to go, homeowners are coming up with creative solutions to create vacation vibes at home. While pools are top of discussion, homeowners are also seeking big and small ways to create a luxury experience from the comfort of their crib, including upgrading bathroom furnishings to include spa-like soaking tubs or relaxing rain showers.

3) Gourmet Kitchens
The pandemic inspired people to break out of their old baking habits and start new hobbies in the kitchen, and in 2021, homeowners want to level-up from their sourdough obsession to create other mouthwatering masterpieces. Requests for gourmet kitchens with bigger cabinets, island additions, and "dirty" pantries that house functional items all offer the space needed to cook gourmet meals.

More people are requesting gourmet kitchens with bigger cabinets.


4) Backyard Oasis
Safe and functional yards have taken on renewed importance, especially with social distancing recommendations. Fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and alfresco lighting are all easy upgrades that make backyards a relaxing oasis the whole family can enjoy.

5) Smart & Safe Tech
It’s more vital than ever that our homes stay as germ-free as possible, and smart-home technology has come to save the day, with products like touchless appliances, self-cleaning toilets, and bidets. And while a lot of these products are niche right now, they will evolve to become the standard in home design. As homeowners can start welcoming guests back inside, they’ll increasingly seek out creative solutions to keep their spaces as sanitary as possible by including voice-activated faucets, robotic vacuums, and electronic-assistant controlled lights. These features update the traditional tasks of cooking and cleaning by incorporating thoughtful innovation into home products.

6) Health & Wellness
People across the country quickly adapted to rapidly changing restrictions, creating fitness clubs and even massage rooms in their homes. But it’s not just physical health homeowners are prioritizing. The isolation from social activities and loved ones has increased the need for more—think “feng shui” areas—private spaces for reflection and meditation to stay mentally fit, as well.

People are creating fitness clubs and even massage rooms in their homes.


7) Pet-Friendly Living
The flexibility of remote work has given many people the opportunity to be home all day, and in turn, made it easier to add a new best friend to their family. As people welcome more furry family members, there will be a continued demand for performance fabrics, indoor-outdoor rugs, and alfresco lounge areas.

8) New Construction
Traffic for new construction homes has increased significantly, signaling an uptick of shoppers interested in personalizing their home’s features and living in a new, clean space. Buyers considering a newly constructed home are doing so to customize features, while others are choosing to do so to ensure everything in the home is brand new. 

by Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID, NKBA, CAPS

Zoom Rooms photo by Brian Kellogg at Sac Real Estate Photography. Gourmet Kitchens and Health & Wellness photos by Lindsey King Photography.

Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID, NKBA, CAPS, is an award-winning interior designer, creative director, author, product developer, and multimedia consultant helping brands reach the interior design community. She’s also a Global Connect Advisor for the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), Zillow Interior Design National Spokesperson, and National Board Chair for the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). / 916-919-3023