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Home Coming: 3 Rad Remodels

Jan 26, 2021 12:17PM ● By Ray Burgess
Home is where the heart is, and also where we spend just about every second these days, so it’s no wonder there’s been an uptick in home improvement projects. Whether you’re looking to make your house more functional, increase its value, or add some fresh décor, we have you covered. Keep reading for three renovations that are sure to inspire and some top interior design tips.

Cozy Country Chic

Project completed by Eberle Remodeling
7958 Entrance Street, Fair Oaks, 916-369-6518,

Kitchen 'Before" photo


Eberle Remodeling Kitchen 'After" Photo


It’s inevitable: Your house will become dated. And although it still may be livable, it’s not always lovable. Eberle Remodeling recently took on a kitchen remodel requiring more than just new appliances and a cabinet refresh. “The owner wanted to open up the kitchen to other areas to create a large space to entertain and capture the views toward the back of the house,” explains Kent Eberle, president of Eberle Remodeling. And can you blame them? Open-concept and entertaining spaces are not only preferred these days, but useful.

With wall removals/relocations, door and window changes, a new pantry, plus new cabinets, floors, lighting, and more, the Rocklin homeowners worked with Eberle Remodeling to make their kitchen dreams a reality. Additionally, the lighting is now in all the right places (check the upper cabinets), and the light-colored backsplash and countertops balance the darker cabinet color and floors. “Large kitchens like this typically [take] about 10–12 weeks by themselves. Average-sized complete kitchen remodel projects typically fall between $60,000-$120,000, while large kitchens can cost even more. Keep in mind that the costs for products can range dramatically,” explains Eberle. Those perfect products can put a much-needed final touch on projects: the stainless-steel appliances create a sleek but not too modern look.

'Before' photo


Kitchen with an island bar table 'after' photo


All things combined, the space is much more open and welcoming to the rest of the living area and makes for a desirable location to spend precious family time. This is a budget-friendly option, too. “Many existing kitchens are closed off to other areas, so if that’s the case, possibly try to open the space up to adjacent areas. Creating wider openings, while avoiding expensive structural engineering, can help to save on costs,” advises Eberle. He also suggests finding an experienced professional to guide you along. “Find someone who has been in business a long time that knows design, construction, and related costs. They all go hand in hand.” That combined expertise offers homeowners a reliable, usable, and beautiful space to house loved ones for years to come.

More tips from Kent Eberle…
•    Find someone who’s into the details, since that is what the process demands.
•    A remodel is ripe with the opportunity for things to go wrong, so take the time to create a well-thought-out floor plan, select all materials before starting, determine the full scope of work, identify possible cost overruns, and make sure to document everything.
•    Keep plumbing fixtures and appliances in their existing locations.
•    All of the homework (design/layout, product selection, how the products will be installed, identifying the full scope of work) needs to be done ahead of time in order to have the best shot at a smooth-running project and minimal change orders. 
•    Find someone who will give you a schedule in advance of construction.

Farmhouse Fit for a Family

Project completed by Terra Inc. Construction
3941 Park Drive, Suite 20-243, El Dorado Hills, 888-409-2003,

Front yard and deck prior to remodel


Landscaping and deck repair by Terra Inc. Construction


A full home remodel is a lot to take on, but this Auburn house—renovated by Terra Inc. Construction—went from being old-fashioned and drab to modern-day farmhouse fab in four months. With a $300,000 budget, Terra touched just about every part of the property to transform it into an inviting space from the moment you step on the property.

Starting with the exterior work, they did “deck repair, siding repair, landscaping, pool resurfacing, [and] paint,” explains Jake Oliver, the company's co-owner. The blue paint was modernized with a refreshing coat of white paint with black trim, and the outdoor lighting was updated for that perfect final touch.

'Before' the Terra Inc. Construction remodel


Tera Inc. Construction 'After' photo of the bathroom renovation


Inside, they added “new interior doors and trim, luxury vinyl plank flooring throughout the living area, new carpet in the bedrooms, drywall repair, and new light fixtures throughout the whole house.” These details are not only welcoming to the eye but necessary pieces in modernizing a home and making an impact.

But it wouldn’t be a home remodel without an updated kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen now features “new appliances, quartz countertops, subway tile backsplash, and painted kitchen cabinets,” says Oliver. Although not a total redesign, the kitchen, with the light cabinets, counter, and floor, is now a clean and bright environment. The accent color on the kitchen island and gold lighting fixtures are trendy and surely a talking point.

Kitchen photo before the remodel


New quartz countertops and contrasting black paint complete the modern look.


When it comes to the updated bathroom, it features “new vanities, countertops, a freestanding tub, shower surround glazing, shiplap walls, and tile flooring.” Like the kitchen island, the dark-colored vanity balances with the white shiplap walls and light flooring. The finishing touches of round mirrors and trendy chic lighting make this bathroom a highly desirable oasis of rest and relaxation.

Livingroom before remodel


White walls and more compact furniture make the room feel larger.


Overall, the house is cohesive, modern, and highly desirable. Although the work here was extensive, Oliver says “shiplap accent walls, floating shelves in the kitchen and/or bathrooms, sliding barn doors, a new or [freshly] painted front door, and new light fixtures” are some great budget-friendly options to upgrade your home. If you’re inspired to start your own whole-home remodel, Oliver says: “Determine your budget and then make a list of the items you want completed, then prioritize them, as they may not all fit within your budget.” Little by little, or all at once, houses can become homes with the help of experienced professionals.

Family Room remodel


Bedroom remodel


More tips from Jake Oliver…
•    Get multiple bids from reputable contractors who are both licensed and insured. You can check the contractor’s state license board website ( for an active license and ask contractors for their current certificate of insurance.
•    Depending on the size and the scope of work, homeowners can typically expect to continue living in their home during the remodel process.
•    The kitchen is typically the most impactful room to remodel in the house, because it’s normally the home’s focal point.
•    If you’re remodeling with the resale value in mind, the kitchen will typically give you the most bang for your buck followed by bathrooms.

Beautifully Bright

Project completed by K Squared Design + Build
6105 Main Avenue, Suite 5, Orangevale, 916-988-9473,

Eberle Remodeling kitchen 'before' photo


Eberle Remodeling 'after' photo


The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home and when a Granite Bay family wanted a more inviting space, they turned to husband-and-wife team, Rusty and Brenna Krouse of K Squared Design + Build, to reinvent their kitchen. “We removed soffited ceilings and the boomerang-shaped island, relocated the sink, redesigned the cabinet layout to incorporate two large islands for entertaining, and built a custom [range] hood to be the kitchen’s focal point,” shares Brenna. The mixed material hood, flanked by shelves, pops off the intricate backsplash, creating a look that will be admired for years to come. Utilizing two different countertops also creates an eye-catching design that, paired with the gold accents, elevates the entire look to be elegant yet welcoming and bright.

Kitchen redesign by K Squared Design + Build


This three-month renovation was budgeted at $175,000 and was well-worth the cost, especially if the homeowners decide to sell. “You’ll likely get a great return on investment on kitchen and bathroom remodels. When these projects are done, the home is more ‘turnkey’ and new buyers will understand they don’t have to tackle those large projects. A designer can help you understand where your budgets should be based on how long you plan to stay in the home or if it’s your forever home,” explains Brenna. And this house certainly has the potential to become a forever home.

Utilize space better with a kitchen island


Keep in mind that the right professionals can guide a smooth and budget-friendly process, so do your research. “We feel you should be interviewing designers and contractors at the beginning and choose the ones you trust. Don’t base your choice on cost. The cheapest isn’t always the best option,” explains Brenna. And when you find the right professionals, your house can truly become the home you’ve always wanted.

Gold lighting fixtures can brighten a room and add a modern flair to your kitchen


More tips from Brenna Krouse…
•    [Use] wallpaper! Yep, it’s back! Just a simple accent wall can add a lot of style to a room.
•    The first step a homeowner should take when beginning a remodel is to do research. Get familiar with how the process works and what the costs are going to be. 
•    Develop a budget for your project and share it with the professionals you have selected to work with. If you disclose your budget early on, the designer and contractor can help you maximize your scope.

Top Design Tips

BOLD IS BEAUTIFUL. Light fixtures are no longer limited to brass, bronze, and brushed nickel. We’re seeing fixtures in black, white, navy, and even mint green. Be bold. Maybe not in every room, but in powder rooms or bedrooms. It’s fun to have something unexpected! —Lighting Unlimited, Cameron Park, 530-676-4716,

Light fixtures are no longer limited to brass.


FOCUS ON THE FINER THINGS. Poor quality furniture and accessories will never get that wow factor, so adding a quality item—even if it’s something as simple as a cocktail table or large piece of artwork—can really make a statement. Don’t be afraid to showcase a mixture of high- and low-priced items, either; not everything in the room needs to be expensive. Consider splurging on at least one item that you really love.—Danielle Miller, Studio D Staging & Redesign, El Dorado Hills, 916-836-9570,

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Always use wood crown molding instead of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). The former has proved to last for hundreds of years, whereas imitation products just do not. If you’re wanting to pick only a few areas to add molding to, start with the kitchen, great room, master bedroom, and/or entryway. —Stephen Menez, S.M. Menez Interior Mouldings, Folsom, 916-983-2083,

Always use wood crown molding instead of MDF.


BACK TO “BASE”ICS. If you plan on upgrading your baseboards, consider updating your door casings before the baseboards go in; it’s easier and less costly before than after. —Stephen Menez, S.M. Menez Interior Mouldings, Folsom, 916-983-2083,

LIGHT & BRIGHT. Add a statement light fixture that you love—either a lamp or a chandelier/pendant—and make sure to include at least three sources of light in each room: general lighting (overhead or pendant), specific lighting (task or table), and ambient lighting (sconces, candles, or decorative).—Jane Reed, Unique Remodeling and Interior Design, Folsom, 916-294-9727,

BE ART SMART. Having a large “statement” piece of artwork means you don’t really need to put much else in that space—the room can remain simple and minimal. The artwork will ultimately speak for itself by creating a dramatic focal point to the room. —Danielle Miller, Studio D Staging & Redesign, El Dorado Hills, 916-836-9570,

WOOD WORKS. Select a key wall in your home and create a wood design that doubles as art. By utilizing a paint color on your creation you can set the mood for a personal moment and finish with furniture styling.—Tami Teel, Tami Teel Designs, Roseville, 916-677-7021,

Lighting can make a statement or set the mood for your home.


FIRST THINGS FIRST. Lighting can make a statement or set the mood for your home. We often see homeowners/builders start with lighting and build the design from there vs. waiting until the end. —Lighting Unlimited, Cameron Park, 530-676-4716,

COLOR RULES. Use the “60, 30, 10 rule”—60% of dominant color (e.g., the color of the walls and large accent pieces like area rugs or sofa), 30% of secondary color (e.g. draperies, upholstery, rugs, or maybe an accent wall), and 10% of accent color (e.g. throw pillows, candles, artwork, and flowers). —Jane Reed, Unique Remodeling and Interior Design, Folsom, 916-294-9727,

LIGHT IT UP. Lighting offers a tremendous opportunity to add a piece of jewelry to any room of your home. A fixture is a way to keep up on trends without a large expense. Now’s the time to add personality and light up your life. —Tami Teel, Tami Teel Designs, Roseville, 916-677-7021,

A lighting fixture is a way to keep up on trends without a large expense.


A DASH OF COLOR SPLASH. Neutrals are great but adding a subtle pop of color can bring a brightened element to the feeling of a space. Incorporating a color that’s bold and eye-catching can be done by adding accessories such as throw pillows, soft furnishings, artwork, or a rug.  All of these elements can be used to add just the right amount of color to your home.—Danielle Miller, Studio D Staging & Redesign, El Dorado Hills, 916-836-9570,

THINK LONG-TERM. When installing crown molding, think about your long-term house plan. “What architectural style are you trying to achieve?” When a home is completely done over with moldings, it’s best to have a consistent flow to ensure it doesn’t look like a bunch of projects done over the years by several different people. —Stephen Menez, S.M. Menez Interior Mouldings, Folsom, 916-983-2083,

It’s important to have a tranquil space that makes you feel cozy and comfortable.


MAKE IT A STAYCATION. As many of us continue to work and spend tons of time at home, it’s important to have a tranquil space that makes you feel cozy and comfortable while still being fun and functional. From large kitchen islands made of sustainable surfaces, and textiles in an array of styles and colors, create a home that feels restful and restorative.—Shelley Martell, Fabulous Finishes, Folsom, 916-803-3289,

BIGGER IS SOMETIMES BETTER. Make a statement and be bold by filling large walls with oversized pieces of artwork, big mirrors, or objects of interest.
—Jane Reed, Unique Remodeling and Interior Design, Folsom, 916-294-9727,

Make a statement with oversized pieces of artwork.


EXPRESS YOURSELF. Open your door and make an impression on your guests. The entry is a good investment that only requires an expressive wall covering, a piece of furniture, mirror, and a stunning light fixture. Be playful, romantic, modern or even eclectic. Just be you! —Tami Teel, Tami Teel Designs, Roseville, 916-677-7021,

LET THERE BE LIGHTS. Choosing light fixtures that have unusual shapes or finishes is one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to add an alluring, dramatic effect to a room and help set the mood.—Danielle Miller, Studio D Staging & Redesign, El Dorado Hills, 916-836-9570,

ELECTRICALLY ECLECTIC. When it comes to lighting, bring your home aesthetic together with a curated look vs a “set.” Rather than using a family of light fixtures to fill your home, pull together lighting packages from a variety of manufacturers. This works by having them speak to one another with commonalities such as shape or finish, or something as simple as the bulbs.—Lighting Unlimited, Cameron Park, 530-676-4716,

by Emily Peter-Corey & Megan Wiskus
Eberle after photos by Dave Adams Photography. Terra Inc. Construction after photos by Glen Rose Photography. K Squared Design + Build after photos by Davies Imaging. Light It Up photo © Justin Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.