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Ask the Experts: What Can I Expect From My First Acupuncture Visit?

Q: What can I expect from my first acupuncture visit?

A: First, the acupuncturist will sit down and have an initial consultation where they’ll discuss your immediate health concerns, look at your full health history, answer any questions, and provide a general understanding of how acupuncture and Chinese medicine may be beneficial. They’ll also provide an overall understanding of what to expect during the first session (length of time and what the needles are doing). Once prepped and ready to begin, they’ll look at your tongue and pulse, which is a typical part of a Chinese medical exam and may provide additional insight to one's overall health and the issue/s at hand. Next, approximately 10-15 needles will be inserted and retained for 30-40 minutes. During this time, the acupuncturist leaves the room, turns on calming music, and you’re encouraged to relax; some people even fall asleep. The entire process often lasts 60-75 minutes.

—Bradley Cimino, LAC, DNBAO  ProActive Acupuncture
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