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Introducing Amy McCulloch with Bee Better Apothecary and Soap Shop in Camino

Bee Better Apothecary and Soap Shop

Services or products you offer: Soaps, lotions, and skin care made from plant medicines and botanical-infused oils.

What you enjoy most about your profession: I love that there are endless possibilities and learning opportunities when making soap and the people it’s brought into my life. It allows me a creative outlet, which I didn’t realize I needed, and is nice to provide customers with a handmade gift of true intention. 

Fun fact about your company: The purple and gold in my logo represents the suffrage movement to remind me of those who sacrificed for my voice as a woman. Also, I’m only half-joking when I say I started this business to retire my husband from the fire service.

First job: Fast food.

Favorite food: I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like—I blame my Irish roots.

Last big purchase: Relocating and purchasing our home in Camino three years ago was an investment in a life we felt was more suited to our family.

When not working, you can be found: Cooking with my husband or napping. Naps are life’s necessity.

You love living here, because: I love California and cherish my Central Valley roots, but the Sierras have stolen my heart and soul. Every year a new plant medicine pops up for me to discover.

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