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Keeping Kids Moving While Distance Learning

This pandemic has gone on longer than any of us could have guessed it would. We seem to have settled into this new normal of wearing a mask everywhere, not shaking hands when we meet someone new, and social distancing. Another aspect of this new normal is distance learning for our kids. It appears that the days of limiting screen time are long gone now that the majority of the school day is spent in front of a screen.

Keeping kids physically active is just as important a component of their school day as math and reading. Some might go for a family walk with the dog each morning, or maybe the kids kick the soccer ball around the yard for a bit before dinner. If you’re out of ideas for being active, here are a few ideas to get you out of that rut:

“My daughters love dance video games. They’ll happily spend an hour dancing along with the games’ routines.”—Nanette

“We have step competitions with our smart watches.”—Maria

“We do nature scavenger hunts while walking the pup. Elena also likes to collect acorns for the squirrels.” —Erin G.

“We enjoy bicycling, scooters and hikes.” —Megan

“Family workouts! My youngest is assigned workouts for PE via YouTube videos and we do them together as a family.” —Jessica

“My kids love having fashion shows. Coolest outfit, craziest outfit, best dance, etc.” —A.J.
“On the weekends, we like to hike and look for critters. When we can’t get to a hiking location, the kids take their magnifying glass to the trees and yard to look for bugs.” —Ashley

“Swimming, hide and seek, scavenger hunts, random fitness challenges (do twenty jumping jacks in thirty seconds!)” —Erin G.

“We have laundry sorting parties, where I take my monster pile of clean laundry, have the boys stand by a basket in the living room, and throw their clothes to them. They try to catch someone else’s clothes and keep their own in their own basket.” —Vicki

“I pour out our bin of colorful plastic play balls and the girls surf across the floor on boogey boards. Then they clean it all up in exchange for a small chocolatey treat.” —Kathy

Whatever your kids are doing to stay active, try joining them. After all, it’s important for adults to stay active too.