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Ask the Experts: What Role Does Mental Health Play When Starting a Weight Loss Journey?

Q: What role does mental health play when starting a weight loss journey?

A: It’s not breaking news that many people start and stop weight loss programs or exercise routines over and over throughout their lifetime. Does this mean they were never successful or couldn’t stay focused? Of course not. Did life get in the way and health goals get put on the back burner? Most likely. Perhaps it’s time for a mental health check. I teach our patients, “What gets measured, gets managed.” In other words, write down the negative obstacles keeping you from your goals, how you can overcome them, and what positive changes you can make to start your journey right and be successful. Consider things such as setting reasonable goals, time-management, and not being so hard on yourself. Continue measuring your successes and setbacks throughout your journey. Focus on what a wonderful journey it will be, which is the true healing, both mentally and physically. Stay strong, keep writing, and be patient with yourself.

—Paula Triana Hendricks, Nutrition Consultant and Health Coach, Hendricks for Health
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