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Ask the Experts: What Are the Benefits of A Raw Dog Food Diet?

Q: What are the benefits of a raw dog food diet?
A: The benefits are numerous, including the improvement of a healthy digestive system, a more vibrant skin and coat (less itching), healthy teeth and gums, and enhanced stamina and energy. Plus, pets love raw food! It really is the best way to get 100% of the nutrition that’s in the bag you’re paying for.  While outdated concerns over bacterial risks have been almost entirely mitigated by the high-pressure processing (HPP) that’s used by leading manufacturers, the question remains, what is the best way to transition my pet to a raw food diet? We suggest doing so gradually, as dogs need a period of time to develop the enzymes in their digestive system to break down the ingredients efficiently. For example, start with a ratio of 20% of the bowl being the new raw food, while maintaining what you’ve been previously feeding at 80% of the bowl for 2-3 days; then, raise the raw amount to 40% for the next few days and so on until you’re feeding 100% raw by the end of 10-14 days. Keep in mind that some dogs may transition faster than this and others may require more time.  
—Bob Campbell, Co-Owner
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