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Choosing the Right Memory Care Community [SPONSORED ARTICLE]

Questions to ask when considering memory care

Exploring memory care options for a loved one can be overwhelming and emotional. Those who’ve taken the first step to seek out options have identified a loved one’s need for expert care due to Alzheimer’s or dementia. Ultimately, providing care for a loved one yourself may not be the most realistic or safest option any longer, which increases the need for memory care.

Dedicated memory care communities are devoted to providing those with memory loss the basic necessities like safety, security and 24/7 care. However, no two communities are exactly alike. Taking a look beyond the basics will help you ensure your loved one is not only safe but happy and thriving despite their condition.

These four key differentiators highlight what to look for in a memory care community and offer questions to ask yourself and the community you’re considering.


Daily activities and professional caregivers

Engaging daily activities promote a sense of purpose, as well as ease negative moods, anxiety and irritability while triggering good memories. Expert caregivers and staff host group and one-on-one activities, allowing individuals to continue enjoying their passions while fulfilling the need for social stimulation. Ask these questions:

·  What does a typical day look like? What are some of the staple programs?

·  How often are residents able to get outside? What is the policy?

·  How often do outings happen, and what does that look like?

·  What does the staff’s training entail, and how often does training take place?

Dedicated memory care communities, such as CountryHouse, create experiences for residents like fishing trips, golf outings, dances, cooking meals and more. The goal is to create moments of joy for everyone in their care.


Cost of care

When exploring rates for a senior living community, it’s often hard to nail down an exact price. This is because all individuals have different needs—no two people require the same exact care. Being realistic about your loved one’s condition is crucial, as that will ultimately help determine the cost for their care. Ask these questions:

·  What is the pricing structure for care?

·  Is the community all-inclusive, or is cost broken out separately, such as rent plus care fees?

·  What are some of the additional costs my family can expect, such as transportation?

·  What payment options are available?

·  What other financial benefits can be used, such as veteran’s benefits or long-term care insurance?


Family support

Guilt and fear often accompany the pursuit of memory care for a loved one. Support and compassion from community staff throughout the decision-making process creates a sense of comfort for all when transitioning into a community. Ask what type of support the community you’re considering offers for families of those in their care.

·  What support is available before a loved one is moved in?

·  What continued support is offered once a loved one is moved in?

·  How can one expect to be update on a loved one and how often? Daily? Weekly?

·  What educational or support group opportunities are available for family members?


Homelike environment

Perhaps the most important factor in your search is finding a place where your loved one feels truly at home and is treated with the dignity they deserve. CountryHouse purposefully creates an environment that feels like home yet serves the care needs of residents without feeling “institutional.” Consider these things in your search:

· Is the community easy for your loved one to navigate?

· What about the community makes it feel homelike? The warm colors? Cozy seating areas? The care staff?

· What is the philosophy of care, and does it resonate with you and other family members?

“Everyone, no matter their age or condition, deserves to live a happy, fulfilling life,” says Martin Hug, COO of Agemark Senior Living, parent company of the exclusive memory care community CountryHouse Residence. “At CountryHouse, we look to change the lives of those in our care. That is the philosophy that drives us.”

Your goal should be to find an environment where your loved one can live their best and most meaningful life. The team at CountryHouse understands this goal and has successfully guided families through the decision-making process when choosing memory care.

CountryHouse has locations in Granite Bay and Folsom. The Folsom location will be opening November 2020, with a model room available to tour soon.  |  2005 Iron Point Road, Folsom, CA  |  916-836-8022


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