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5 Benefits of Considering Memory Care Sooner Rather Than Later [SPONSORED ARTICLE]

The decision to move a loved one from home to a care community is a personal experience and comes with much consideration. There are countless factors that should be considered before determining what’s right for individual families, such as urgency. A sense of urgency may be the leading factor if a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, as memory loss diseases have progressive conditions leading to further cognitive decline over time. 

Rather than waiting until professional memory care is directed by a physician, seeking support in the beginning stages allows for better planning in the future, as it can alleviate some of the uncertainty and stress when symptoms do progress. Not every individual is equipped to provide the level of care a loved one requires. When considering choices, it’s important to note that exclusive memory care communities rely on their team of experts to provide consistent care and support to both a loved one and family members. Here are five benefits of considering memory care sooner rather than later:


Routines and Activities

Establishing routines and ensuring daily engagement provides substantial benefits for individuals experiencing memory loss. Routines and stimulating activities can sharpen focus, ease distress, and instill confidence and independence. Memory care communities, such as CountryHouse, provide residents with an array of engaging activities that appeal to a wide range of interests as well as different levels of memory loss.

CountryHouse, Agemark Senior Living’s exclusive memory care community, offers residents a unique program called LifeCycles. The program focuses on improving wellness in four areas—social, physical, intellectual and spiritual. Activities associated could include anything from regular exercise, spending time in nature or with animals, daily outings, crafts, baking, the opportunity to volunteer or give back to the community at-large and much more.

Routines and stimulating activities can sharpen focus, ease distress, and instill confidence and independence.



Wandering is a common symptom associated with memory loss, so becoming lost or confused can put individuals in dangerous situations. Memory care residences are designed to prevent scenarios like this. At CountryHouse, secured entries, surveillance and other safety features help protect residents from hazardous situations. This focus on safety, paired with around-the-clock care, advances security for residents and provides a sense of ease for family members.


24/7 Individualized Care

Memory loss affects everyone differently, as no two cases are the same. A 24/7, individualized approach to care encourages meaningful and personal connections. Caregivers make it a priority to understands each resident’s likes and dislikes, and spend time learning about their past, their family and their story. This creates a family-like atmosphere filled with comfort, engagement and joy. CountryHouse has adopted this philosophy and has applied it across all 13 communities, as they are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others day-to-day.


The Feeling of Home

As a specialized memory care residence, it’s important to have a well-designed building that makes residents feel comfortable and cared for while maintaining their independence. There are major benefits that come from minor considerations like private areas, recognizable decorations and an emphasis on routine. CountryHouse encourages new residents to bring their own furniture and mementos to personalize their living space. Creating a familiar, comfortable setting cultivates health and happiness.


CountryHouse creates a familiar, comfortable setting that cultivates health and happiness.



Memory care communities understand the value of independence. Residents should be able to maintain the ability to do what they want to do and live the way they want to live. Whether they’re walking around the large, secure courtyard or practicing their stroke on the putting green, residents experience as much independence as is possible and safe. 

With all the memory care options available today, settling on the perfect place can feel overwhelming. If you’re interested in learning more about memory care or in need of guidance on how to best start the process, CountryHouse has a team of experts ready to assist you. Their goal is to make selecting care for a loved one an easier and more comfortable process.

CountryHouse has locations in Granite Bay and Folsom—opening soon, with a model room available to tour now.

2005 Iron Point Road, Folsom, CA  \\  916-836-8022  \\ 

Next, we will be discussing considerations when choosing a memory care community.

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