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Kultura Café in Rocklin

With the surplus of dining establishments dotting the local landscape, one cuisine has been curiously underrepresented: Filipino food. Enter owners RJ and Karla and their first foray into the restaurant scene: Kultura Café. Kudos to the hardworking pair, as their soft opening was two weeks before the shelter-in-place order was mandated. They have, like many other businesses, managed to adapt through a faithful following and curbside takeout. I stopped in for my first real experience with Filipino foods that weren’t named lumpia or chicken adobo (both of which I’m a big fan of!). Karla recommended I try the Lechón Plate with pork belly. (Thank you Karla—it was excellent.) Crispy cuts of pork belly with very little fat, most of it rendered off in the cooking process, allowed the natural pork flavor to shine. Served with a heaping helping of white rice and Mang Tomas dipping sauce, it was more than plenty. I also treated myself to a Lychee Iced Tea with boba and lychee jelly pearls. Excuse me for being a boba neophyte, but I’m on board the boba express now! Soon, you'll be able to enjoy your food in their modern, sleek space, but in the meantime, you can order takeout or delivery via DoorDash.   2164 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 206, Rocklin, 916-918-8600, —Lorn Randall

Cooking and eating in the Philippines has traditionally been an informal, communal affair; meals tend to be served all at once and not in courses.

The cuisine centers around rice and the combination of sweet, sour, and salty flavors.

Due to Western influence, food is often eaten using a spoon and fork—but no knife! Many Filipinos eat with a fork in their left hand and a spoon in their right, pushing food onto the back of the spoon with the fork.

Filipino cuisine is complex and has been influenced by many countries, including Spain, China, Malaysia, Japan, India, and the U.S.
Source: Wikipedia


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Photo  by Dante Fontana