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El Dorado Pet Club - Pet Daycare & Grooming In El Dorado

Dogs are extremely social animals by nature. They like nothing better than investigating new places and meeting new friends - both of the canine and human persuasion. Just like a human child, dogs learn behaviors and attitudes from their social circle. The more a puppy learns and grows in a social environment, the better adjusted and more comfortable it becomes. Exercised dogs are generally happier, more relaxed, and much more comfortable - thus our motto: “A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog”. Our supervised outdoor playtime is scheduled from 10am - 4pm with breaks in between for your pet to rest and recuperate from a long and fun filled day at the dog park. At the park we have an abundance of fun with our agility equipment, shaded play areas with misters, and even a doggie swimming pool! Doggie Daycare is like preschool for your canine child. Lots of fun, friends, and stimulation under supervision by our trained staff.  We also offer 45-minute Enrichment Sessions (click button above for more information).

El Dorado Pet Club
4131 S Shingle Rd #4, Shingle Springs
(530) 676-4442