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People & Their Pets 2020


TIKKA "Tikka is the mascot at Hawkins School of Performing Arts. She's three years old and brings joy to Hawkins' students, and they bring joy to her!"—Deirdre Hawkins 


ZOE "Zoe is 17 years old and still going strong!"—Tim Dolan


AGNES “Agnes is a diva. She loves to talk, take naps, and give dirty looks.”—Julie Ryan


ABBY “Abby is a four-year-old, 20-pound dachshund/Chihuahua/Jack Russell terrier mix. We adopted her a year ago from Foothill Dog Rescue in Shingle Springs and love her dearly. Although she doesn’t play with any toys, she enjoys sunning herself (until it gets too hot), wrestling, playing with our garden cat (they’re best buddies), chasing turkeys out of the yard, and scaring deer when they get close to the fence. She loves the country life.”—Lorraine Burgess


ANDY, DODGER, & PEZ “Andy, Dodger, and Pez all enjoy bird watching, homeschooling with Ben, walks to the park, and napping.”—Darci Frank


ALBERT “Albert is super cuddly and a little mischievous. He also loves spaghetti.”
—Dawn and Mike Doyle


ARAWN “Arawn is a Belgian Malinois, and his favorite things to do are play catch, eat, nap in the sunshine, and snuggle with his humans. He was the inspiration for me starting my pet photography business, Kylee Doyle Photography, and to this day, he continues to serve as a model and muse for my art.”—Kylee Doyle


BALOO “Baloo's new favorite hobby is helping his parents garden (watering the plants by diving toward the hose and pruning the trees). He’s starting to learn about squirrels and birds but luckily is a bit too slow. He also likes watching The Lion King and crime shows, but gets scared by criminal minds. His favorite treat is ice cubes.”—Danielle Nygren


AUDRE “Audre Shepburn is the support dog for a Purple Heart veteran. She chases tennis balls for a living and loves lounging on the putting green or on the top step of the pool.”—Jeff Trumbo

Bogart & Cooper

BOGART & COOPER “Bogart and Cooper are very easygoing dogs. They love cheese but not canned food or the gardener with the blower. They look forward to their daily adventures with Mom to the river (Bogart) and the lake (Cooper).”—Myriam Liberman


BONBON WITH SAMANTHA (HUMAN) "During quarantine, BonBon was Samantha’s buddy and classmate—sitting with her, doing PE with her, and keeping her company. She's the best dog a girl could ever have: affectionate, protective, and playful."—Lori Tsang


BRUCE, BO, OLIVIA, & REX “Our pups are our kids. All were rescued and fill our hearts. Our bulldog, Bruce, will shake your hand, roll over, play dead, and say I love you. Olivia, the black pug, runs our house and keeps the pack in line. They all love walks and playing ball and are huge fans of people and attention.”
—James Bockmann


BRIAR ROSE (ROSIE) & MOWGLI “Nine-year-old Mowgli likes anything made of meat or cheese, is still learning to tolerate Rosie, and thinks sleeping on the tall bed that Rosie can’t jump on is fantastic. Mowgli guards the dog food he refuses to eat and bites toes or ankles that get too close! Rosie was born on February 1 and is still growing into her ears and paws. She thinks Mowgli’s tail would be a fun chew toy, wants toys as large as her, and was rescued at 14 weeks from Itsie Bitsie Rescue.”—Brittany Short


CAB “Cab, a new mom who was left with all her kittens in the back alley behind our home, was really scared when she first came into our life. She’s now a lovable, kind, and protective cat who is very sociable.”—Jennifer Corrigan


CHARLEY “Charley is a seven-month-old Australian shepherd mini who’s very playful. He lives for having his belly rubbed and enjoys napping, kids, going on long hikes, and fetching his toys. Charley can sit, stay, stand, and lay down on command and loves being rewarded for a job well done."—Tammi Rollins


CHARLIE “Charlie lives at Five Mile Ranch in Citrus Heights. He thinks he rules the ranch, is obsessed with balls, and will leap over fences to retrieve them!”
—Kathy Mastagni


BRUCE “One-year-old Bruce, a boisterous boxer puppy, grabs attention no matter where he goes!”
—Hatton family


CHICKEN & KHLOE “Chicken and Khloe are the best of friends. Chicken loves to open cabinets and Khloe loves to cuddle.”—Areia family


COOPER “Cooper’s superpower is spreading love throughout the land. He loves snuggles, cuddles, hugs, and naps, and is especially good at howling and lovin’ his mama.”—Melanie Mishler


CHLOE & GEORGE “This is not posed. George, the puppy, loves Chloe 24/7! Recently adopted, he’s been a great addition to our family and helping our Chloe not to be so shy.”
—Wilson family


CITY CAT “City Cat is a great hunter and keeps the rodents at bay. If a guest at Ponderosa Ridge Bed & Breakfast sees her, it's their lucky day. She also comes to a whistle and can shake hands (paws).”—Bonnie Kelley


DAPHNE “Emory (my husband) and I adopted sweet Daphne from Rescue for Pet Sake on May 3. Daphne is a five-year-old chiweenie who loves to give kisses, does a little dance when we arrive home, enjoys walks, and barks hello to the next-door neighbor’s dogs. We feel blessed to have found her during this trying time.”
—Jamie Mansuetti


EMMA “Emma was the love of my life. She loved playing with racquetballs and was the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve ever had.”
—Melisse LeWeck


FIONA & PEPE “Three-year-old Fiona (Fifi) loves food, being worshiped and adored, and distributes her affection equally to my husband and me but hates when I show attention to Pepe! Pepe is so soft and makes the cutest baby noises. He loves his belly pet and is jealous of Fifi getting attention. But they’re best friends and love to snuggle and play with each other.”
—Stacey Conway


FINNEGAN “Here’s Finnegan, our six-year-old lemon beagle, in his famous “l-o-n-g dog” pose.”—Cindy Flaherty


FRANKIE “Frankie is a five-year-old Maine coon that is often found lying on his back or begging for treats from whomever is in the kitchen.”
—Laura & Steve Aguirre


GOLDIE “Goldie is a two-year-old rescue who was found on the Tower Bridge (hence her name) last summer. She's easily distracted by squirrels and loves to cuddle and play fetch.”—Mikey & Emily Corey


HARPER & LINCOLN “Harper and Lincoln are inseparable siblings from different litters. Lincoln's whole world is trying to get the squirrel that he's convinced is just around every corner. Harper wants to meet and greet every person or animal she sees and especially loves children. Lincoln has taught her everything she knows, good and bad. They especially love car rides and giving the barista at Starbucks an overzealous greeting in the drive-through.”—Amanda Schaffner


PHIL “Phil just turned one and loves food, shoes, paper, and anything he can try to eat.”—Julie Ryan


JOSIE “Josie, our diva, just turned eight and rules our home. She loves popcorn (and anything you’re eating), car rides, and cuddling on her terms. Her farts can clear out a room, but she still sleeps with my husband and me every night, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”—Theresa Arnold


JETER & JESSIE “Jeter is an 11-year-old chocolate Lab and Jessie is her eight-year-old black Lab daughter. Jeter is your typical neurotic chocolate Lab who is constantly on the go, while Jessie is the laziest Lab in the world, who only really likes to go on walks because she knows she'll get a treat afterwards. Both love the ocean, mountains, and their grandparent's pool.”
—Laura & Steve Aguirre


HOLLY “Holly is almost three years old and loves to cuddle, but even more than that, she loves snow! This silly pup would spend all day in the snow if we let her.”
—Stephanie Gabler


KEPLER “Kepler, our five-year-old Corgi-mix, is endlessly patient with our two toddlers and well-intentioned but rough petting. She loves to eat kale right out of our garden beds and will play fetch until she pukes.”
—Jennifer Resnicke


JUNEAU “Juneau enjoys long walks with the family, basking in the glorious sun, and demands a morning belly scratch from all of us before we leave for the day.”—Bree Lawrence


KINGSTON WITH JAMI (HUMAN) “Kingston is a very handsome Percheron gelding who was rescued from slaughter 19 years ago. He’s full of personality and loves trail rides.”—Lisa Warner


LEO & MAKS “Leo is nine months old and loves his big brother Maks who is almost six years old. Both are rescues (not related but they look alike) and are truly the best dogs ever! We take them for daily walks on the trails and through the parks in the Whitney Oaks area. Their favorite place to hang out is the ocean or Folsom Lake.”—Kari McKinley


LADY “One-year-old Lady was recently rescued and made part of our family. She loves playing ball and is a very social butterfly.”—Jami & Brianna Areia


MISTY "We adopted Misty from the SPCA. She enjoys lying in the sun, bird watching out the window, and meowing at us for kitty treats!"
—Kim Rowe


LITTLE GIRL & OLLIE “When I got Little Girl and Ollie they were so incredibly underweight and malnourished. We’re still working hard to heal them, but they’re inseparable partners in crime. Ollie’s nickname is ‘Bull Dozer’ because of his absolutely insatiable appetite and willingness to eat anything and everything. Little Girl adores her big brother, loves to play in water, and watching the bird feeders out the window.”
—Dr. Alicia Tsounis


LULU WITH TRISH (HUMAN) “LuLu the Yorkie loves going to our local parks and finding the perfect stick to chew on!”—Trish Verandes


MAX “Max, a rescue, is shy and timid but so sweet and handsome! When we got him, he had no idea how to play. It took him two years to learn to play ‘keep away’ from his fur siblings. He loves eating watermelon, apples, and blueberries.”—Kimberlee Schory


MILA “Mila is a seven-year-old purebred pit bull and loves her humans. She’s great at tricks like sit, shake, stay, and roll over; and loves her long walks at sunset and being able to spend time with ‘her’ kids.”—Jeffrey Anderson


MOLLY BLUE “Molly Blue is a five-year-old bluetick coonhound and the most loving and soulful dog you’ll ever meet. She’s a Canine Good Citizen with a novice and intermediate trick dog title. Her best trick is singing on command with her loud and powerful hound dog howl. If you spend time on Historic Folsom’s Sutter Street in the evenings, you’ll likely meeting Molly and me, her mama, walking. It’s our favorite place to visit. She spends the day in Folsom with her grandparents while I'm at work.”
—Dianne Mitchell


OLAN “Olan turns 12 this year and is our mascot at Jeremy Barkhurst State Farm in El Dorado Hills. He’s obsessed with carrying his ball everywhere he goes and loves carrots.”
—Elizabeth Wyman


NACHO, GRACE, & JAMESON “Nacho, Grace, and Jameson—the pups of Friends of Folsom—love long walks on the beach, anything edible, and participating in all kinds of charity events around town with their human parents.”—Sarah Y. Woods


OLIVIA WITH JENNA & SAMANTHA (HUMANS) "We adopted Olivia in 2016 from Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue. She loves having her belly rubbed and begging for dog treats."
—Kim Rowe 


OSCAR & OLIVE “Oscar and Olive are my officemates while working from home. I don't know what they’ll do when I go back to the office.”
—Kelly Sarabia


PIERRE “Here’s Pierre, our three-year-old dwarf lion head, visiting a hospice patient earlier this year. Now you’ll see Pierre (and his buddy Oliver) at the Historic Folsom Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings.”
—Cindy Flaherty


PINOT & RIESLING “Pinot and Riesling are siblings who have been with us since the day they were born. They’re both adventurous, fun, and slightly mischievous.”
—Jennifer Corrigan


PRISCILLA “Priscilla likes fruit, cheese, eggs, belly rubs, and exploring. She is calm, curious, and assertive; her talents include whistling, cuddling, being a natural alarm clock, and emotionally supporting us through our own grief while being resilient through her own after losing her human and sissy.”—Heather Grubb


REX “A couple of years ago this beautiful runaway boy, Rex, decided we were his family. What a personality he has! By night, he’s a fierce protector who guards his territory; by day, he’s a purring love who sleeps soundly in our garden or lays at our feet for attention. He has won our hearts and we are glad he chose us!”—Christina Richter


RILEY “Riley is an Aussiedoodle with one brown and one blue eye. She loves the water, going for runs, and digging up my plants—basically anything that keeps her dirty.”
—Tiffany Begley


RUBY & BELLE “Ruby and Belle go on walks every day, rain or shine. Their favorite place to go is Folsom Lake.”—Carol Ritter


SHAMMY “Sham Rock, aka Shammy, is a professional napper and part-time defender of her household.”
—Rich and Kelly Rock


TATER TOT “Tater Tot is a two-year-old Craigslist dog who was supposed to be half her size but is absolutely perfect. She loves to chase squirrels and lizards—all though not sure what she would do if she caught one!”—Maureen "Sparky" Sanford


SHADOW “Shadow was adopted from the SPCA and loves to have her belly rubbed. Follow her on Instagram”—Taylor Gillespie
TILLY “Tilly is a nine-year-old blind pug. Her favorite activity is ‘chasing’ tennis balls on the hardwood floor by listening and sweeping the floor with her nose until she finds them. She also loves greeting friends and family with her favorite toy when they come home.”—Chelan Rooney


TILLY “Tilly is a nine-year-old blind pug. Her favorite activity is ‘chasing’ tennis balls on the hardwood floor by listening and sweeping the floor with her nose until she finds them. She also loves greeting friends and family with her favorite toy when they come home.”—Chelan Rooney


TED “Ted is the funniest dog. He loves ripping presents open on Christmas Day, dressing up (well, I think he does anyways and he owns his own drawer), and getting his hair blow-dried. He comes into the bathroom specifically when I’m drying my hair, looks at me, and says, ‘I’m ready mom.’ He hates squirrels and turkeys.”—Alex Kestler


TUCKER & SADIE “Tucker, the larger mini Aussie, is smart, sophisticated, and excessively fluffy. He’s known as the big fluffy bear on the bike trail, and everyone wants to touch him. He loves watermelon and a good barbecued rib. Sadie, a sweet Aussie mix rescue, loves butternut squash, melon, and getting her beauty sleep.”—Trudy & Jim Nygren


WHO “Who is our little ambassador at Ponderosa Ridge Bed & Breakfast. He love people, greets most of our guests at the front door, comes to a whistle, and can shake hands (paws).”—Bonnie Kelley


WILLOW “Don't let the pearls fool you! Willow (@willow.bee.frenchie), a blue and tan micro Frenchie, belches like a grown man after she drinks water! Her favorite activities consist of daily walks around Historic Folsom, lying under the oven while her dad is making delicious baked goods, getting her belly rubbed 999 times a day, being pulled around in a wagon when it's very hot outside, getting fought over for snuggles by her hoomans, and basically being a human baby. She is absolutely OK with everything—full of nothing but love and snuggles this one!
—Bergman family


ZAZZLES “Zazzles (Big Bang Theory fans will understand his name) is an expert lizard hunter, loves to lay in the sun, and sleeps next to his mom every night. He loves to snuggle.”—Kimberlee Schory



ZOEY “Zoey is five years old, loves her squirrel (even though she chewed his limbs off), and burps after she eats.”
—Rozan Esparza

Compiled by Megan Wiskus


By Tara Mendanha
Many animals are in need some extra lovin’. Find your soul mate at any of these locales.

Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode
Provides a safe and caring haven for shelter animals until adopted. 6101 Enterprise Drive, Suite B, Diamond Springs, 530-642-2287,

El Dorado County German Shepherd Rescue
Provides shelter and care for displaced dogs until they find caring homes. 5820 Marybelle Lane, Shingle Springs, 530-677-6444,

Fat Kitty City
Unique, no-kill shelter that functions as a place of refuge for hundreds of abused and abandoned pets. 916-939-3418,

FieldHaven Feline Center
Provides adoption, assistance, and innovative programs for cats in need. 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln, 916-434-0622,

Foothill Dog Rescue of the Sierras
Nonprofit dedicated to rehoming dogs from high-kill shelters and owners who can no longer care for them. 4131 South Shingle Road, Suite 14, 530-676-3647, Shingle Springs,

Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue
Rescued rabbits are cared for and eventually found permanent homes. 1917 Douglas Boulevard (inside Petco), Roseville, 916-782-8669,

Placer SPCA
Facilitates the humane treatment of animals and offers adoption, pet-related services, and human-animal support.
200 Tahoe Avenue, Roseville, 916-782-7722,

Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club
Dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, rehoming, and celebrating Great Pyrenees dogs. Granite Bay, 916-791-7580,


By Tara Mendanha
If you haven’t done it in a while, now is as good a time as any to treat your pet. We’ve drummed up a few ideas for some bonding time between human and animal.

Which pet has ever said no to toys? Squeaky, chewy, hardy, whatever the need, find a special toy for your picky pet from sBarkles in Folsom ( or The Doggie Bag in Roseville (

When you love someone, you take care of them. Medical check-ups are a must for any pet at any point and Veterinary Healing Center in El Dorado Hills ( and Veterinary Medical Center of Folsom ( have you covered for everything from nutrition to preventative services.

Take your playmate for a jaunt at the park. Play fetch, make a friend or lounge on the grass at Fido Field Dog Park (Folsom), Bear Dog Park (Roseville), Rruff Dog Park (Rocklin), or El Dorado Hills CSD Community Dog Park.

Make your buddy a summer treat by freezing a small, hard treat inside low-sodium broth or freezing their favorite berries in some watered-down yogurt or freezing watered down peanut butter. You’ll definitely earn yourself some brownie points.

Set up a kiddie pool in your backyard for some summer fun. Nothing like cool water on a warm day. You could jump in, too!


By Tara Mendanha
Bored? Don’t be. We’ve got some scroll-worthy Instagram accounts to keep you thoroughly entertained.

Juniper the Domestic Fox. Tune in to adventures with this foxy lady and her family of furry friends.

Tuna the Chiweenie. This Internet-famous hound is known for his unforgettable pearly whites.

Pumpkin the Raccoon. Just a racoon and her dog pals hanging out.

Jill the Squirrel. Check out this sweet little rodent and her fabulous life.

Grumpy Cat. Grumpy, bored, and totally meme-worthy.