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Q1227 Restaurant

1465 Eureka Road, Roseville
916-899-5146  |

Every time an accomplished chef decides to open an establishment of their own in our community, I am thankful. This is no easy market to compete in, given the abundance of large corporate restaurants, limited space, and rising rents. So when Chef Q decided to bring his considerable pedigree and unique genre of California comfort food to Roseville under the moniker Q1227 (December 27 is his birthday), I was eager to sample his wares.

Lobster Bites


I was greeted by the hostess, which on this evening happened to be Chef Q’s lovely wife, Tamara. I was seated strategically near the “pass” from which I could watch the chef and his staff prepare and finish plating dishes. Seeing the skillfully composed plates leave the pass made ordering more difficult, as I wanted to try everything—I’d love to see a tasting menu option added!

I started with the Lobster Bites; deep-fried portions (large chunks really) of the tender homard, battered and bathed in the oil-spa until crispy and golden, then served with a spicy remoulade.

Southern Fried Chicken


There are a couple of foods that will spark heated debates in the lower-right geographic section of the country: Southern fried chicken and gumbo. Never one to steer away from a culinary controversy, I dove right into both. Chef Q pounds his chicken breasts out flat, gives them a dip in his seasoned buttermilk batter, and sends them off to the spa. The result is Southern-fried chicken you eat with a fork served vertically and perched above mashed potatoes and gravy.  Gumbo is a little like BBQ in that it differs from region to region and sometimes family to family. Q1227 makes a dark roux, and a thick stew-like broth, much like you would find in New Orleans. Brimming with chicken, shrimp, and the “holy trinity” of bell peppers, onions, and celery, it’s what I’m looking for when I order gumbo.

1227 Gumbo


I could not resist temptation by ordering the Bourbon St. Bread Pudding for dessert, especially when I found out it was Chef Q’s mother’s recipe. Decadently dense slices of bread and custard topped with a bourbon cream sauce, berries, and whipped cream. Sometimes it’s better not to resist temptation in whatever form it comes.

Bourbon St. Bread Pudding


The restaurant is stylish but not pretentious, and the wine bar looked like a place I could see myself savoring a glass, or on the patio trying the smoked chicken lollipops with a cold beer. Stop in and sample some Southern charm right here in Roseville.

Regular Hours: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. (Tuesday-Thursday); 11 a.m.-10 p.m. (Friday-Saturday)—check website for any COVID-19-related changes to hours
Try This: House-made Desserts, Lobster Bites, Mac-n-Cheese, House Meatloaf
Drinks: Beer & Wine
Tab: $$
Heads-Up:  Wine bar, patio, private parties

Editor’s Note:
This review was done in two visits: one prior
to the shelter-in-place mandate and
one during the mandate

by Lorn Randall  //  photos by Taylor Gillespie