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Style Magazine

This Month In Style: March 2020

Style Magazine – March 2020

This Month's Feature:

Breaking Bread 10 Bakeries to Try Now

Breaking Bread: 10 Bakeries to Try Now

Calling all bakery lovers! If you crave quality, scratch-made cakes, and more, we’ve got you covered. Check out these top bakeries in town, plus pro baking tips and must-order items. Read More » 


Special Advertisers:

Taste of the Town 2020

Taste of the Town 2020

Presenting Style Magazine’s Taste of the Town special advertising section, where some of our area’s culinary creators have chosen to highlight their business. Read More » 


Distinctive Dentists March 2020

Distinctive Dentists: March 2020

Some of our area’s best dentists and orthodontists have chosen to highlight their practice within the pages of the area’s most read community magazine. Read More » 


Online Exclusive:

9 Garden Planning Tips for the Greatest Return

9 Garden Planning Tips for the Greatest Return

Gotten overzealous in spring and overplanted or planted the wrong varieties for your tastes and needs? Make this the year you plan your garden for the best return on your investment. Read More » 

Thrift Shop Till You Drop

(Thrift) Shop Till You Drop

Purchase high-end items for low-end prices at these local thrift and consignment stores that'll add a dash of panache to your home and closet. Read More » 


Other Highlighted Articles:

Last Look March 2020

Last Look: March 2020

“I love visiting the family-owned farms in our area, especially in spring when all of the flowers are starting to display their beauty.” Read More » 


On the Rocks 3 Wonderful Whiskeys

On the Rocks: 3 Wonderful Whiskeys

Whether you prefer yours neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a craft cocktail, we have a locally distilled bottle of whiskey for you. Read More » 


Bring It 4 Perfect Potluck Recipes

Bring It! 4 Perfect Potluck Recipes

From appetizers to side dishes and the main event, there are easy-to-prepare ideas for all that’ll have guests going gaga. Read More » 


The Hot List 6 Chicken Wings

The Hot List: 6 Chicken Wings

The beginning of chicken wings, as we know them today, was in 1964 when Theresa Bellissimo of Buffalo, NY, fried some up and added hot sauce. Nowadays, they’re a sporting event staple. Read More » 


Foodie Find Bo Urban Corner

Foodie Find: Bo Urban Corner

Vietnamese food is low in sugar and almost always gluten-free, as many of the dishes are made with rice noodles, rice paper, and rice flour instead of wheat. Read More » 


Dining Out Eureka

Dining Out: Eureka!

“According to my server, the pork shank riblets ‘are braised for hours in sherry and aromatics’— resulting in tender, succulent pork reminiscent of its veal namesake.” Read More » 





Green Things 16 Eco-Friendly Finds

Green Things: 16 Eco-Friendly Finds

Reduce your footprint this spring with these 16 eco-friendly finds. Read More » 


Cruise Control Exploring Holland and Germany Aboard the Crystal Bach

Cruise Control: Exploring Holland and Germany Aboard the Crystal Bach

Over the past decade, there’s been a surge in passengers as well as the number of companies operating river cruise lines. We were eager to experience the world of luxury river cruising. Read More » 


Less Is More 5 Small-Space Essentials

Less Is More: 5 Small-Space Essentials

Although your space may be petite, the style doesn’t have to be. Below are our favorite ways to hack a small space, from two-in-one furnishings to décor that visually expands any space. Read More » 


Relationship Repair 8 Questions About Couples Counseling

Relationship Repair: 8 Questions About Couples Counseling

Have you thought about talking to your partner about counseling, but weren’t sure how to start the conversation? Read More » 


Spotlight on Sandy Hilton

Spotlight on: Sandy Hilton

Sandy Hilton’s passion for pottery was inspired after watching a National Geographic film in grade school about an artist making pottery on a wheel. Read More » 


Joses Culinary Adventure

Jose’s Culinary Adventure

Local Make-A-Wish kid, Jose, had his wish of becoming a chef granted, thanks to the team at Sienna Restaurant. Read More » 


FBI Teen Academy Shaping Citizens of Tomorrow

FBI Teen Academy: Shaping Citizens of Tomorrow

Are you a high schooler who’s curious about what it takes to keep our community and country safe? If you answered “yes” to this question, read on to find out more about the FBI Teen Academy. Read More » 


Ask the Experts What Are Some Tips for People Just Learning How to Cook

Ask the Experts: What Are Some Tips for People Just Learning How to Cook?

What are some tips for people just learning how to cook? What are some examples of functional foods? Read More » 


Take a Hike Bassi Falls

Take a Hike: Bassi Falls

Easy to access; family-friendly; plenty of photo opportunities; creeks and pools of water along the way; 120-foot waterfall at the end is ample in spring and early summer. Read More » 


10 Nonprofit Thrift Shops

10 Nonprofit Thrift Shops

Save money, find something you love, and help a charity by visiting one of these local thrift stores that serve a cause you care about. Ready, set, shop! Read More » 


Get to Know El Dorado County Resident Josh Varozza

Get to Know: El Dorado County Resident Josh Varozza

Oak Ridge High School graduate Josh Varozza is a big guy, with a big beard and personality, and an even bigger heart. Read More » 


Whats Up In March 2020 The Newest Awards Events and Announcements from El Dorado County to Roseville

What's Up In March 2020: The Newest Awards, Events, and Announcements from El Dorado County to Roseville

Read on to find out What's Up in El Dorado County, Folsom, and Roseville this March 2020. Read More »