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Ask the Experts: What Are Some Tips for People Just Learning How to Cook?

Q: What are some tips for people just learning how to cook?
A: Start simple, using flavors you love and ingredients you’re familiar with. Also, use cookbooks and before starting a recipe, read it twice, pull out all ingredients, and measure and slice everything. After all, cooking is 90% preparation and 10% execution. Next, never replace vegetable oil with olive oil or vice versa; always purchase fresh, quality ingredients; don’t use outdated spices; rest meat after cooking and slice it against the grain; and use appropriate measuring spoons or cups and verify tablespoons versus teaspoons, as too much salt can ruin a dish. Too much butter, however? Never.

—Brian and Susan Bennett

Bennett’s Kitchen Bar Market

1595 Eureka Road, Roseville


Q: What are some examples of functional foods?
A: One of the most overlooked and best functional foods is seaweed or kelp from the ocean. It’s known as the medicine of the people in developing countries, as it’s high in iodine, minerals, and fiber. There’s nothing better for weight loss, metabolism, and constipation than seaweed and kelp. You can buy it in bulk as a powder or in capsules, and a teaspoon a day does wonders.

—Alden Okie

Sunrise Natural Foods

1950 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville