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Ask the Experts: How Do I Know If Wellness Coaching Is Right for Me?

Q: I’m looking to remodel my home. What should the first step be?
A: Find an experienced design-build remodeling contractor—someone who is well-versed in design, construction, products, costs, and attention to detail. Excellent communication is crucial, too. Check their references, years of remodeling experience, and additional remodeling-specific certifications. Next, identify a realistic budget, which will allow the remodeling professional to develop an ideal design and help you select products that will deliver results within that budget. 

—Kent Eberle, MCR, CKBR, UDCP, CAPS, President

Eberle Remodeling 

7958 Entrance Street, Fair Oaks, 916-369-6518,

Q: How do I know if wellness coaching is right for me?
A: If you find yourself struggling to reach your health goals, a wellness coach can help uncover what your obstacles are while helping you create a plan with the necessary tools to overcome them. What’s more, they can enable change by focusing on your needs, values, and vision while holding you accountable to your personal goals.

—Lisa Robinson, General Manager

Roseville Health & Wellness Center

1650 Lead Hill Boulevard, Roseville, 916-677-1200,