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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Off a Mini Lift [Sponsored Content]

Oct 16, 2019 03:19PM

In life, we all age. As much as you may wish to skip this step, or to prevent the visible signs of aging, it’s not always that easy for you to do. When you’re living your life, there are varying factors that can cause you to speed up signs of aging, and the results can then show in your appearance. Some of the leading causes of premature skin aging include;

  • Sun exposure
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Poor sleep

Yet, when you start to realize that your face is in fact showing your age, you may worry as to whether or not you can reverse those signs or do something about the situation. Whether you are someone that receives a lot of sun exposure, smokes, is stressed, eats a poor diet or has a lack of sleep, it’s good to know that there are procedures you can turn to in order to reverse these effects and look younger, one of which is the mini face lift.

When you’re in your thirties or even forties, you may feel as if you’re years away from considering a surgical treatment for your concerns. If you have mild signs of aging, it was once the case that you would wait for a full facelift. But with the introduction of the mini lift, you may find that you can get the results you want now, along with many other benefits.

So, let’s take a look at the five main reasons for why you shouldn’t put off your mini face lift.

1. The Earlier, the Better

To start with, the case of sooner rather than later very much comes into play here. And that’s because the sooner you can treat the issues, the easier they are to manage. In short, having the mini lift at a younger age can provide you with the natural, longer-lasting results that you’re looking for.

Even as young as thirty, you may find that the elasticity in your facial skin starts to decline – along with the facial muscles, too. And not only that, but the fat and bone in the face is already changing. Fat deposits can sag, leaving your skin looking hollow and older than it is! Therefore, the earlier you have your mini face lift, the quicker you can control and correct this.

2. It’s Preventative

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that having a mini lift is preventative. When you look to address the visible signs of aging on the face as soon as you can, you can achieve incredible results  At the same time, you’re preventing that same drooping, dull and aging look from setting in too prematurely. Although gravity can negatively affect the skin as you age, this can all be corrected with the mini lift.

3. It Slows Down Signs of Aging

Additionally, you will find that you’re going to be able to slow down the aging process on your skin with the help of a mini face lift. The ideal candidate will have some collagen left in the skin. When there’s elasticity still present, you’ll find that the results are longer-lasting and still allow you to look years younger.

Now, let’s consider why. During the mini lift  the skin and muscles in the lower face are lifted and tightened. Dr. Kaniff can create a refreshed look to the lower face, removing those tell-all signs of aging, such as sagging. Therefore, the speed at which you’ve aged thus far is reversed, and the age process on your skin slows down.

4. The Results are Natural

A huge plus of the mini lift is that the results are natural. With such a subtle yet effective procedure being carried out, you’ll find that you still feel like yourself, and not like a brand-new person. Some signs of aging are still present on the face, giving you a youthful but natural look. It’s organic rejuvenation with the help of Dr. Kaniff!

5. It’s Perfect Maintenance

Finally, you’ll also find that a mini face lift is a great treatment for ongoing anti-aging maintenance. While you’re reducing the aging process and preventing sagging, lines, jowls and wrinkles, you’ll look fresh and youthful for years to come. If you then go on to elect for a full lift later on in life, the mini lift has served its purpose.

Now that you know more about the mini lift and what it can do for anti-aging, you may also want to consider whether or not it’s right for you. Consider the benefits, as well as the risks, and make sure that you speak to a licensed professional about the procedure before you decide.

By Kathy Benvenuti with Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center

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