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Ask the Experts: Is Shaving Every Day Bad For the Face?

Q: Is shaving every day bad for the face?
A: Shaving is excellent as it effectively exfoliates your skin. When you shave you are removing hair, dirt, oil, and also dead skin cells. Your skin never stops growing new cells and when the old cells die and stay on your skin, they lead to oil deposits, ingrown hairs, clogged pores, and dull skin. If you’re seeing irritation or bumps, consider your razor. Many men are switching to a straight razor due to razor burn. Using a straight razor takes practice, but you can get a great shave with only one pass causing less irritation. We recommend letting an expert show you the way, so it’s best to have a licensed barber deliver your first straight razor shave so they can safely introduce you to proper shaving.
— Aaron Meyers, President & COO
Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop for Guys
195 Placerville Road, Suite 110, Folsom

Q: How do I know which group exercise classes are best for me?
A: Any class that inspires you to regularly attend is the best class for you. Once you begin, your group fitness instructor will be a pro at helping you get through the most challenging of classes. Week by week you will improve and get stronger and the class that seemed impossible the first time you attended won’t seem so difficult after several weeks. A few things to consider when choosing what’s best for you:
-Determine the time of day that will work best for your schedule.
-Decide what specific benefits you want to achieve from your workouts. If you are unsure what benefits each type of class provides, reach out to the Group Exercise Director for guidance.
-Don’t worry so much about whether the workout may not be your level because your level will improve in a short time. You do need to be challenged if you want to continually see fitness improvements.
-Give yourself several weeks to try several class types, instructors and time slots.
—Ann Vezey, Group Exercise Director
Spare Time Sports Clubs
530 Post Court, El Dorado Hills