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Dr. Hamid Nasr, D.D.S & Dr. Sholeh Rahimi, MD, PHD: Creekside Medical and Dental

Aug 29, 2019 01:53PM


1625 Creekside Dr., Ste. 100/200  //  Folsom  //  916-983-8777  [email protected]

Welcome to Complete Health Care under one roof!

This unique model of health care, new to the United States, is presented by Dr. Sholeh Rahimi MD, PhD, and her husband, Dr. Hamid Nasr, DDS.

Medicine and Dentistry often overlap as good oral health also translates to better overall health.  Dentists and medical doctors work hand in hand to focus on heart disease, infectious diseases, diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, TMJ and cancer.  "Dentists and medical doctors, working together, create a perfect solution for our patients", states Dr. Sholeh Rahimi.  "As an example, patients with heart disease may be referred to a dentist for further care according to research from Harvard University School of Medicine and the Journal of Periodontology."

"Dr. Rahimi and I realized how important it is to work together to solve a medical or dental need for our mutual patients.  When a patient has an IV line for sedation while in a dental chair, it is comforting to know that a medical doctor is on hand to ensure everything goes smoothly.  We feel this is undoubtedly the highest standard of care possible!", says Dr. Nasr DDS.

Dr. Sholeh Rahimi has amazing credentials.  She is an MD and PhD which required eleven years of schooling and research plus an additional three years of a specialty program in Internal Medicine.  She has the best of two worlds - a European education in Germany plus her speciality training in the U.S.

Dr. Hamid Nasr finished dental school in 1995 at one of the top universities in Germany.  During his 20 year career Dr. Nasr has achieved the highest continued education in cosmetic dentistry from UCLA, completed his two year residency at the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies (C.C.A.D.S.) and has four years of continued education in implant dentistry.  He is also certified in CAD/CAM dentistry, which is teeth in one day design, milled in the office.

If you would like to know more about Dr. Nasr and Creekside Medical and Dental you may visit our website: or call Dr. Nasr’s office 916-983-8777 for more information.