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The Hot List: 6 of the Best Fried Fare in Folsom, Placerville, and Roseville

Aug 29, 2019 09:54AM

The season of fairs filled with perfectly fried food may be over, but the deliciousness doesn’t leave with it. We’ve gathered some of our favorite fried dishes to share with you so you can make every day a fry-day.

Brick’s Eats and Drinks

The south is calling with Fried Green Tomatoes from Bricks Eats and Drinks in Placerville. Panko-crusted, served on grits, and topped with tomatillo salsa and crème, these are oh-so-satisfying and just healthy enough to count as a veggie serving…we think.

Bamiyan Afghan Restaurant

Fried food isn’t only an American way of life! The Pakawra at Bamiyan Afghan Restaurant in El Dorado Hills is top-notch. Potato slices are fried until perfectly golden and crispy, and served alongside their house-made cilantro chutney sauce.

FLB Entertainment Center

If you’re looking for a fried classic look no further than the Chicharrones at FLB Entertainment Center in Folsom. Fried pork skin is tossed in house-made seasoning and served with salsa verde—the perfect accompaniment.

Range Kitchen & Tap

Any fried food connoisseur will tell you that too much fry won’t satisfy, so get just a taste with Louisiana BBQ Prawns at Range Kitchen & Tap in Roseville. You’ll be served wild gulf prawns atop fried Creole polenta, smothered in spicy BBQ sauce. It’s the perfect combination of fresh and crisp.

Thai Paradise

Nothing beats the Angel Wings at Thai Paradise in Folsom. Deboned chicken wings stuffed with, get this, ground chicken, fried perfectly, and served alongside their honey plum sauce. This is one appetizer that won’t last long once served to your table.


The Chile Relleno at Zocalo in Roseville is a new-age twist on the classic dish. The battered poblano chile is stuffed with cheese and pork and sits beautifully atop black bean purée and spicy tomato sauce. Tradition receives a spicy and flavorful update with this dish.

By Emily Peter  //  Photos by Dante Fontana