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My Dog Is On Marijuana?! What CBD Oil Is and Why To Use It

Apr 30, 2019 04:09PM
Many pet owners are asking about the benefits or drawbacks of using CBD for their dog or cat.  Here are some answers that'll help you find the information you need.

What is CBD?
CBD is one of several cannabinoids found in the medicinal-grade hemp plant.  It is non-psychoactive, unlike its close relative THC, which pets should not ingest.

How does CBD work?
CBD activates the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in mammals, which influences digestion, relaxation, and cognitive/memory functions.  It works by “antagonizing” receptors CB1 and CB2 in the brain.  CB1 receptors are found throughout a mammal’s body;  CB2 receptors are found primarily in the immune system.

Is it safe for my pet?
Yes, CBD is quite safe and can be used in conjunction with other medications your pet may be taking.

Are all CBD products the same?
No. It is particularly important to utilize products where the CBD has been extracted with a CO2 process, versus one utilizing potentially toxic solvents and/or chemicals.

What does CBD help with?
CBD helps restore calm and balance within your pet and may be beneficial in treating separation anxiety, digestive support, joint discomfort, and overall immune support. 

How do I give my pet CBD?
CBD comes in many varieties.  At sBarkles, we carry oils, treats, capsules, gel-pens and even honey jars!

—Bob Campbell is a local resident and co-owner of sBarkles, LLC., which is celebrating its 10th year in Folsom, where they work in conjunction with area veterinarians and the best pet food authorities in the industry. 850 East Bidwell Street, Suite 150, Folsom  //  916-984-0102,