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Asking the Experts How to Approach Financial Goals and How to Lower One's Risk of Dementia

Apr 30, 2019 04:07PM

Q: What are some tips to help lower one’s risk of dementia?

A: Many people who know someone living with dementia ask this question. It’s natural to want to avoid a condition we see causing suffering in another person. However, it’s important to recognize and come to terms with our own fears first. Just because a close relative has dementia doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to us. Also, many people living with dementia enjoy joyful, productive lives after symptoms appear. With that said, reducing stress is one of the best ways we can give our brains a break. Moderate exercise, meditation, relaxation, and not worrying too much about the risk of dementia is a good place to start.
— Eric Portnoff, VP of Memory Care and Resident Programs
Oakmont of El Dorado Hills
2020 Town Center West Way, El Dorado Hills

Q: What are some small changes I can make to work toward my financial goals?

A: Knowledge is power. If you find a team who can educate you on important concepts and make topics that often seem complex simpler, you’ll understand what small changes you can make to personally work toward your goals. Understanding how to prioritize your saving and therefore your spending is paramount. Unfortunately, we’re all unique and have different goals, compensation structures, and ambitions. Therefore, when it comes to financial goals, we should all be treated differently. Financial advisors should believe in liberating clients from financial concern through education and relationships so that they can flourish.
—Jake Parsons, CFP
PGR Solutions, LLC
1101 Investment Boulevard, Suite 125,
El Dorado Hills