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Mission: Planet Earth; 8 Earth-Friendly Tips

Apr 23, 2019 09:53AM

Celebrate and help protect Mother Nature this Earth Day (April 22). With a little motivation and some of our simple tips, adults and kids alike will be able to do their bit to keep our planet green, clean, and pristine. 

Tip 1: Reusable Shopping Bags

You’ve probably heard about reusing your shopping bags a million times over, but think about it. If you were to go grocery shopping each week for a year while only needing 2 bags per trip, that’s 104 bags that could potentially liter the earth. It doesn’t sound like a lot...until you remember that there are millions of people doing the same. Keep a few in your car and use them as needed. 

Tip 2: Water Filters

Water filters can be a wonderful alternative to bottled water. Attach it to your tap, and you’ve got clean drinking water that may even be better for you than bottled water! And, not only are you saving plastic, you’re saving money in the long run. 

Tip 3: Turning the Tap Off

When you’re brushing your teeth or shaving, turn the water off until you’re ready to rinse. You’d be surprised by how much water goes unused while left on in just a short amount of time. 

Tip 4: Isn’t Too Dirty? Wear It Again!

The standard washing machine uses about 35-40 gallons of water on one load of laundry. If you pick out the clothes that aren’t too dirty and can be worn another time before needing a wash, you’ll be sure to save water. 

Tip 5: Switch Up Your Products

It’s common for household products to be produced with chemicals and other materials that harm the earth and its environment. Switch up your products and look for safer options that are plant-based or biodegradable. 

Tip 6: Red Meat

Skipping red meat once a week could save gallons of fresh water and a large sum of grain it took to be produced. And on the days that you’re not skipping, look for a pasture-fed, sustainably raised label on the meat packaging. 

Tip 7: Local Food

While you’re out and about looking for foods to replace the red meat in your meal, try buying locally at farmers’ markets or take a good look at the fresh produce in your grocery store. The closer your food has to travel to be sold, the less pollution and fuel is needed. Not to mention, your food is fresher.


Tip 8: Shop Organic

There are a lot of products being sold (especially cotton and corn) that have been doused in chemicals and all sorts of sprays prior to their time in the store. Look for the organic label and shop for products that ensure they’re not coated in sprays that could hurt you or the environment. 

BONUS: Check out these local Earth Day events!

WHAT: Sierra College Earth Day Celebration
WHERE: 5100 Sierra College Blvd., Rocklin
WHEN: April 25, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Come and join Sierra College in celebrating Earth Day! With the theme of “Balance,” attendees will be educated and introduced to the “6-Rs”—conservation and preservation, local foods, local sustainable businesses, local music, native flora and fauna, and more!

WHAT: Drive Electric Earth Day
WHERE: Kaiser Medical Folsom, 2155 Iron Point Rd., Folsom
WHEN: April 18, noon-1:30 p.m.

Check out the electric driving style while perusing a variety of electric cars on display and listening to families share their experiences using electric cars. No gas station visits, no oil changes, and less trips to the dealership, all while saving money and the environment, are just a few of the benefits.

WHAT: Earth Day Artist Sculpture Contest
WHERE: Armed Forces Pavilion and Community Garden, 995 Lincoln Way, Auburn
WHEN: April 20, 11 a.m.–5 p.m.

The Arts Council of Placer County brings you “Migrating Through the Pages,” a sculpture contest and chance for local artists to sell and show off their work in any medium they choose. Don’t forget to register your art!

WHAT: Placerville’s Earth Day Celebration 
WHERE: Placerville Library, 345 Fair Lane, Placerville
WHEN: April 27, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Take a seat on the green lawn of the library, watch the Native American Drummers and Singers, and enjoy live music, local arts and crafts, and other “earth friendly,” family-friendly activities Admission is free.

By Isabella De Garza