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PlacerGROWN Farm and Barn Tour

PlacerGROWN Farm and Barn Tour
October 7  //  Various Placer County farms, ranches, and orchards

Guests enjoyed self-guided expeditions of farms, ranches, and vineyards in the beautiful Placer County countryside at this annual autumn event. Each venue featured different activities, tours, and demonstrations that included farm-fresh meats and veggies.

1 Kristen and Daniel Berlant with Angela and Alex Flanders  2 Connor  3 Ainsley and Hudson  4 Shannon Ousley, Courtney McDonald, and Alice Shreve  5 Eloise and Peter Grimes  6 Liam Scanlan  7 Tom and Sue Peterson  8 Nora and Adam 

Photos courtesy of Kurt Bertilson and PlacerGROWN