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Revolutions Naturopathic

Revolutions  Naturopathic

230 Blue Ravine Rd.  |  Folsom
254 Gibson Dr.  |  Roseville

916-351-9355  |

We appreciate all of the referrals over the last 9 years and we are very proud to have earned your votes for; #2 Best Doctor in Folsom, Michele Raithel, ND, #2 Best Medical Practice in Folsom and El Dorado Hills, and #2 Best Medical Practice in Roseville and Granite Bay. We don't answer to your insurance company, we answer to you. With a set hourly billing rate, you can choose whether to get right to the point or to delve into the details of your diagnosis and treatment plans. Our doctors explain how your body works so you can make the choices to achieve your health goals. We are experts in natural medicine and how it can complement or interfere with pharmaceutical medicines. We have many more tools to treat disease and maximize wellness from nutrition and exercise, to supplements and botanical medicines, to intravenous and pharmaceutical medicines. Our toolbox is much bigger to help you achieve your health goals. We use the latest in modern laboratory testing from nutritional testing to genetic variants and we are experts in preventive medicine. We won't wait until your lab values fall out of the reference range. Making changes earlier can mean all the difference to achieving your health goals. We believe in a lasting doctor-patient relationship that inspires you to take charge of your health. If you are you ready to be in charge of your own health, give us a call at 916-351-9355 to get started.