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Women's Fund El Dorado Ballot Showcase

March 8  //  Cameron Park Community Center 

More than 190 members and guests of Women’s Fund El Dorado (WFED) heard from representatives of 15 diverse organizations—including 3Strands Global Foundation, Marshall Medical Center, and Oak Ridge High School—who were chosen from a total of 42 groups that submitted proposals to WFED, a nonprofit that pools funds collected from members and leverages them in the form of grants.


1 Amy Pooley, Cassie Bigelow, Diane Child, Christina Petanovich, Amarik Singh, and Cindy Brazelton  2 Jenisse Bovo and Robyn Parker  3  Linda Lockwood, Cindy Skelton-Hodge, and Bill Roby

Photos by Shelly Thorene PHOTOGRAPHY