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Ask the Experts of El Dorado Hills

What are the advantages of assisted living?

Assisted living is an option for older adults who aren’t only seeking safety and security, but also a life-enriching experience. It’s an opportunity for individuals to enhance the quality of their lives through social, educational, and experiential opportunities. It’s been proven that loneliness can reduce an older adult’s life expectancy; in fact, people who are active and socializing with others tend to be healthier and happier. Health issues, such as high blood pressure and other conditions, can be minimized in an environment where staff is providing assistance and support and residents are engaging in activities. There are numerous opportunities to remain active at an assisted living facility, and residents can choose how little or how much they want to participate.

Betsy Donovan, Chief Operating Officer  //  Eskaton  //  5105 Manzanita Avenue, Carmichael (additional Locations in Roseville, Granite Bay, and the surrounding areas)  //  916-334-0810,  

What are the health benefits of getting involved in a sport versus taking a class?

Congratulations on making the decision to become more active and healthy! Movement is key to this, and health clubs offer a variety of classes, which generally combine cardiovascular and strength training, help build up your heart and lungs, and strengthen your muscles from head to toe. You’ll also get instruction and accountability. Participating in sports primarily builds your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs); strength also comes from this, but is more specific to the muscles you use in doing the sport, rather than a full body focus. Try both, and see which you prefer. Just get moving!

Jennifer Plane, PhD, Fitness Director   //  El Dorado Hills Sports Club  //  530 Post Court, El Dorado Hills  //  916-933-4929,