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Folsom Area Artist Kaaren Krueger

Aug 29, 2017 02:48PM ● By Style

After retiring as an analyst with the State of California, Kaaren Krueger finally found the time to fully focus on her artistic abilities—teaching herself the colorful mixed media and digital art skills she mostly uses today. “I’m drawn to mixed media because it leaves much to my imagination, and I love to reutilize objects,” shares Krueger. “I love anything with layers of texture; with some little surprise peeking out that’s unexpected.” As a member of the Folsom Arts Association and El Dorado Hills Arts Association, her work can be seen at various studio tours and shows throughout the year; this month, she’s hosting an exhibit at Luxe Salon and Art Gallery in Fair Oaks. 


HLB: How did you become the artist you are today?  

KG: I started out interested in interior design, and art played a large part in my overall design training. I’ve always dabbled in fine art, but only for my own satisfaction, and have a gift for recognizing color combinations, [which I] use to my advantage. It’s only in the last year and a half that I’ve became serious about my art—taking classes in mixed media, learning new techniques and creating my own. I continue educating myself by observing, doing and sharing art. 

HLB: What inspires you to create? 

KG: I’ve always been influenced by nature forms more than portraiture, and am drawn to landscapes, still life and abstracts. I recently began combining my acrylic monoprint process with my photography and enjoy collage and mixed media, since I love to delve in and get my hands dirty. I don’t usually take time to read up on processes; I dig in and experiment. 

HLB: How did you choose your fund-raiser “For a Good Cause,” which benefits the Pacific House Farm*? 

KG: I believe in assisting your neighbors and community, above all else, and I thought this couple—who works so hard to manage their farm—was deserving. I took some pictures at the farm, and they permitted me to use other photographs they had taken [there] to formulate my art. Their pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens and dogs gave me inspiration for some of the pieces on my website (click the “For A Good Cause” tab); all of the proceeds [from those specific prints] go directly to their farm for animal feed, etc. They just rebuilt this last year and are productive again. 

HLB: Why is art especially beneficial in today’s world?  

KG: Art addresses many ills in society. It helps draw out creativity in people who may have thought they had none. It’s also therapeutic and relieves stress and worry, and is a conduit for connectivity with others. There’s no age limit to art—anyone can do it if they apply themselves. I believe some people may be more gifted in certain areas of art, but doubt should never prevent someone from trying.  

HLB: What’s next for you? 

KG: I plan to go “on the road” cross country, searching out the best art galleries and museums, taking more art classes, eating great food, enjoying our beautiful country and, more than anything, meeting new and wonderful people. I plan to do some art while gone and will blog about my travels along the way

*Pacific House Farm is a family-owned working farm in El Dorado County that was destroyed during the King Fire in 2014. The owners have spent most of their own money to rebuild from the devastation.

By Heather L. Becker // Artwork photos courtesy of artist. Artist photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group