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5 Tips to Creating a Feminine Flat

Jun 27, 2017 04:16PM ● By Kerrie Kelly

Whoever said feminine had to be light and bright should have considered bold, black and lots of movement! Our clients in Roseville had a new home on their hands, so to add a design kick, we sprinkled in contrasting colors, metallic sheens and abstract art. The result? A fresh, feminine space that everyone can enjoy. Here are five simple ways you can get the look.


While we wanted to work with blush and gold as primary colors for this space, we knew we had to balance the cool, feminine tones with a bold hue for contrast. In the dining room, we splashed black paint on the walls to create a room that feels cozy and curated, then offset the darker color with hues of blush, ivory and gold. To do this in your own space, consider balancing darker, heavier furniture with light and bright accessories or art.



Knowing that the home sits in a sunny spot, we opted to capitalize on the natural light and fluidity of the floor plan with a balance of textures. In the living space, we set the scene with a blush and ivory rug underfoot, and added different metals, glass, natural fiber and wood. By mixing textures, we created an inviting scene that isn't too feminine or too dark. Spaces like the living room and bedroom are perfect areas to embrace texture; select a foundational piece (like a rug or large piece of furniture) and build around it, using natural textures like jute or wood with metallic hues like lacquered pots and vases, gilded furniture legs and flowy fabrics.


With a space featuring inky colors, soft textures and plenty of shine, it’s easy to get carried away with glamorous accessories and bold art. To let the home speak for itself, we chose to scale back on accessorizing and focus on the larger, more impactful furnishings like desks, bookshelves, rugs and tables. To accomplish this same approach in your home, find a room that feels a bit overdone and begin to edit—take a few books down from the shelf, pull elements that are too “out there,” and let the bold colors, abstract art and textures be the star of the show.



We often refer to the striking juxtaposition of a bold color palette mixed with softer tones and materials, and it’s never been truer than in this home. Our clients wanted something fresh yet daring, and we wanted to make sure that, while adventurous, the décor was still anchored in timelessness. To do that, we selected high-contrast materials like gold, brushed bronze, glass and Lucite; though still neutral, they add an element of high shine to each room and allow the homeowners to play with the color combinations and style of each room without taking away from the original design.


While the color palette may be contemporary, the art and accessories anchoring this fresh, feminine home are a solid mix of traditional tastes and modern elements. In the study, for example, we floated a large desk with golden brackets and hardware, and a bookshelf to match directly behind it. By combining old books with shiny accessories, it adds the perfect mix of warmth and edge. Additionally, we kept the focus modern while mixing in worn elements like old typewriters, a metallic ampersand, and beautifully sketched artwork for a more authentic feel true to a classic study.

Are you ready to get fresh and feminine? Incorporate these five simple steps in your next home project to make the look all your own!  

Kerrie L. Kelly is an interior designer who has created several model homes in Northern California. See her latest set by Elliott Homes in Roseville or online at

Home photos by Brian Kellogg, photo of Kerrie L. Kelly by Dante Fontana