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Folsom Artist Sandie Zang

Feb 22, 2017 12:16PM ● By Heather Becker

Sandie Zang didn’t discover her artistic gifts until after retirement while taking her first painting class. The accomplished artist, who’s involved with numerous local arts associations and artist groups, currently displays her pieces—all bursting with texture, shape and vivid acrylic and oil colors—at The Bag Lady Boutique and Sutter Street Artist Gallery in Folsom. Zang’s “wherever her artwork takes her” mentality is guiding her into new exhibition and gallery spaces this year, including Danielle’s Creperie in Sacramento. “I love being involved with the Folsom Arts Association, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Northern California Arts, Sutter Street Artists, and Two Rivers Artists Group,” shares Zang. “They’re all wonderful groups of artists, friends and kindred spirits—they’ve helped me grow.”

HLB: Can you elaborate on your journey into the art world?       

SZ: I wanted to try something I’d never done before. I’d never painted, except as a child, and my first painting was in an acrylic class with an amazing teacher—local artist Carol Hawkins. She’s fabulous and made the class fun. I was hooked and started painting as much as I could from that moment on. I didn’t realize I had a God-given gift inside of me at the time and wanted to learn more, so I started oil painting classes with accomplished artist Kirk Miller, who’s also a fantastic teacher and mentor. I read, took workshops and classes, watched demos and played with all sorts of mediums.  

HLB: As you developed your skill, what prompted you to approach galleries with your work? 

SZ: Fellow artists, friends and family told me I was creating beautiful artwork and asked if I was selling any [pieces] or if they could commission me to create something for them. Through arts associations, I discovered ways to start promoting my work and decided to try displaying some of it [at] galleries and [by] networking.

HLB: How do you interpret your inspiration?  

SZ: There’s beauty all around us that inspires me—vibrant colors, shapes, light and shadows dancing all over the place. To be able to see it is amazing to me; I’m in awe of my artistic gift. Transported in the creative moment, I am there—becoming part of the art, walking on the path, sitting on the beach, and feeling the moment I’ve captured to be enjoyed again and again.

HLB: What defines success in terms of your art? 

SZ: Focusing on improving my skills to meet goals, and creating artwork that’s appreciated and recognized as being masterful. I would love to win awards and leave a legacy of amazing artwork to enjoy long after I’m gone.

HLB: Do you have any words of wisdom for those itching to explore their creative side? 

SZ: Go for it! Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never done before or haven’t done in a long time. I’d suggest a class to start, because the teacher will keep you focused and help you when you don’t understand [a technique]. Get a book and follow the instructions. If you like creating art, keep doing it. Have fun—sometimes our mistakes turn out to be our best creations.

Article by Heather L. Becker // Artist Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group // Photos courtesy of Sandie Zang