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Active, Vibrant Life for Retirees in Roseville

Oct 19, 2016 11:23AM ● By David Norby

Photo courtesy of Eskaton

 Jeanette O’ Boyle likes to keep an active and busy lifestyle. After retiring 11 years ago, Jeanette and her husband Terry began focusing on obtaining optimal health. 
The couple walk five times a week for 40 minutes each time. Jeanette likes to motivate Terry to stay active due to a heart condition. They enjoy hiking whenever they get the chance. Reno and Lake Tahoe are favorite places to visit because they are just a few hours drive from their home at Eskaton Village Roseville. They enjoy the mountain trails, as well as the lakes and views. Jeanette explained, “I tend to trail behind my husband because I’m always looking down to make sure I’m being cautious of where I’m going.” She reminds herself often, “I need to look up and enjoy the beautiful view every now and then.” Together they have hiked many beautiful places including Napa, Yellowstone and South Dakota. 
Five years ago Jeanette and Terry decided to downsize. She explained, “I knew it was time to make the move, although my husband was hesitant.” They chose Eskaton because of the amenities. Eskaton also offers fitness and fall prevention classes. Jeanette used to take preventative measures on her own, but now she is grateful for the atmosphere and individuals she can relate to while taking these classes. 
Jeanette attends two classes per week led by Fitness and Wellness Coordinator Christy Barry. Balance and Breathing and Strength and Toning are two of her favorite classes. Due to her osteoporosis, the low impact exercises are a perfect fit for Jeanette. One of the biggest benefits from exercising is improved balance, and her doctor agrees. Jeanette said smiling, “My doctor was so surprised on how well I was doing by taking all these classes, he looked at me and said ‘that’s the best medicine’.”  
Because falls are the leading cause of injuries for older adults, taking preventative measures can significantly reduce the chances of a painful accident. Reducing fall risk can improve the quality of life for many seniors. Jeanette is able to enjoy regular activities with her husband because she is taking action to improve her balance and health. “It is imperative to start before any serious falls occur,” said Christy Barry, instructor. “Exercise helps strengthen the lower body and improves balance, but if a fall were to occur, the classes prepare you on how to avoid being seriously injured.” 
Reducing your risk of falling will also reduce the number of falls. Studies show once a fall occurs, it becomes more common for other falls to manifest resulting in a person being overcome by the fear of falling. Take control of your health and future; get involved in an exercise class today.
To learn some low impact exercises that may help reduce your risk of falling, visit and watch the video below. Click here for a fall prevention checklist.

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