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We Want to Feature Your Local Business in Style

Here at Style, we love our local businesses! And we love putting them in the spotlight in our magazines and on our website.

We are currently looking for local businesses to feature in our Introducing section. All you have to do to get involved is fill out the form below and hit SEND. That will put your business in line to be featured in a future edition.

NOTE: Please know that your answers may or may not be printed verbatim. For the purposes of space, grammar, flow and readability, edits will be made in the interests of best representing your business and upholding the high editorial standards of our publication. Please understand that due to our quick turnaround time, you will NOT be sent a proof of your Introducing profile. Also note: Keep your responses under 10 words (short and sweet phrases are best).

We can only accommodate up to 350 words, so if your answers are too long, we may need to cut them down in length or entirely cut a question/answer. If this presents a problem for you, please let us know. 

There are lots of questions, but you do not have to answer each one! We've had lots of businesses who have just gone way over in word count, and we're left with no alternative but to cut. So if you'd rather answer more in one question, you might want to skip another question so that you don't go over on word count.

Finally, please indicate if you would NOT like any of the contact information printed.

Questions? Please contact Editor-in-Chief Megan Wiskus at [email protected]