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Flame and Fire

Sep 29, 2014 04:25PM ● By Jennifer Resnicke

Photos by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Despite being ignorant of Brazilian steakhouse etiquette, I found myself resting easy after stepping into Flame and Fire (an electronic fire display playfully references the name) with my husband. We were given a quick tutorial on the “language” of the steak house, which goes something like this: Salad bar is over there; servers will come by the tables with meat. Flip this token to the green side and they’ll bring you some; the red side means no more for now.
And men the world over swooned.

What they refer to as a “salad” bar, is really more like an “everything that isn’t just meat” bar. At Flame and Fire that means 35 different salads (think chicken salad, pasta salad and mixed greens to name a few), gourmet cheeses, scrumptious rice, feijoada (rich beans simmered with pork) and farofa (a tasty topping to the comfort dish).

Once settled, we flipped our tokens to green and were awash in poised servers explaining their offerings, which were carried on large skewers and cut tableside. They offer 15 different types of meat—from succulent filet mignon and juicy Parmesan-dusted chicken to rich Brazilian sausage, pork tenderloin, lamb and pork ribs.

The perfectly cooked meat is worthy of the fanfare and dramatic presentation, but even the side dishes brought quietly by our waitress were worthy of spotlight. The pao de queijo (cheesy bread) was definitely an underrated star. Odd as it may sound, the texture was half the fun of eating the mini rolls. They reminded me of crispy gnocchi, and tasted like starchy, savory, doughy heaven.
If, by some minor miracle, you happen to have room for dessert, the signature ice cream—served with a spicy pepper and piquant apricot-and-peach jelly—is a singularly entertaining (albeit slightly odd) dish.

Flame and Fire is sure to be a hot spot for those looking for well-executed experiential dining. And don’t be surprised if you bump into me sneaking some of those cheesy rolls into my purse—once you try them, you’ll understand.
Flame and Fire, 963 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Suite 100, Roseville, 916-790-5750,