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Sauce’d Pizza and Cocktail House

Aug 29, 2014 10:55AM ● By Style
Since opening its doors in June of 2011, Sauce’d has been a neighborhood favorite. Brick walls, a fireplace and curtains by the front windows make for a cozy and inviting space, while cobalt blue water glasses and fresh, red daisies add welcome pops of color.

The affable manager (who also waited on us that evening), Jason Anderson, delivered the menus and our feast began with tequila citrus wings. They came with a kick—courtesy of the alcohol and acid, and we relished them to the bone.

Our main course was a slice of tri-tip blue pizza for me and garlic wild mushroom for my husband. In no time, our wood-fired pies arrived on quaint aluminum platters. They were some of the prettiest servings of food I’d ever seen. The onions on mine had a pink blush to them, and copious amounts of blue cheese dotted the surface, while slivers of meat lay poised on the thin crust. The garlic wild mushroom was gorgeous, too. Lush, green sprigs of arugula sat atop a scatter of earthy mushrooms. Accompanying this tantalizing visual was a whiff of pungent garlic and delicate truffle oil. One bite of his pizza and my husband’s eyes rolled to the back of his head in sweet abandonment. “Best flavors ever,” he muttered—the garlic did him in. I eagerly took a bite of mine and was treated to a well-composed bite of brittle crust, a hit of blue cheese, sweet onion and perfectly tender meat. “So good,” I muttered back.

Later, although satiated, we were greedy for dessert, which was a spring berry cocktail. Out of a martini glass, we shared vanilla ice cream and fresh berries, topped with Godiva chocolate liquor. It was just the thing to cool down a hot day and top off a great meal. We downed all of this goodness with the refreshing Passionchello Fizz and a sweet lemonade.

Sauce’d boasts of exciting cocktails, craft beers, live music and an iced drink rail that keeps your beverages cool at the bar. Executive Chef Orlando Avalos’ latest offerings include gluten-free pizzas and new menus. So far, so great!

Sauce’d Pizza and Cocktail House, 879 Embarcadero Drive, El Dorado Hills, 916-933-3729.