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Andis Wines

Aug 26, 2014 03:33PM ● By Morgan Cásarez

Ask Andy Friedlander how he became a vintner and he’ll give it to you straight: “It was my wife’s idea.

She felt I was slowing down in my old age and needed another challenge!” Friedlander and his wife, Janis, hail from Hawaii where early “challenges” included successful careers in commercial real estate and investment management. A decade spent splitting time between island life and the Napa Valley inspired the couple’s appreciation for fine reds and whites, so in 2010, they broke ground on Andis, a sprawling, state-of-the-art winemaking facility and tasting room. Their goal was not only to produce delicious, balanced wines, but to leave a minimal carbon footprint in the process. By building the winery on an East-West axis, they ensured summer sun would reflect off the tasting room’s roof (rather than shine through its windows), thus significantly reducing the need for air conditioning. In the barrel and fermentation rooms, evaporative cooling is used in place of AC, which creates a better atmosphere for the wines and keeps energy costs down. And then there’s the wine on tap—by offering keg wine in refillable carafes, Andis eliminates the need for countless bottles, labels, corks and transport materials. Sometimes guests can even taste the latest offerings straight from the barrel or tank. From floor to ceiling, soil to grape, every element of Andis is the result of careful planning and passion. “The wine business is like most other businesses, only more difficult,” Friedlander shares. “It is a true labor of love.”

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Fun Fact:

During our visit, Andy himself joined us on the winery’s newly installed bocce ball court for a chat and a game.

Andis Wines

11000 Shenandoah Road, Plymouth

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