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Celebrity Justice

Aug 01, 2014 05:37PM ● By Style
Pretty much the whole world knows, it seems, that Johnny Cash performed at Folsom Prison on January 13, 1968. But the prison—with its Medieval-looking granite tower—has been a popular destination for many other movie companies and stars. Here are some of them:

July 5, 1958

One of the first notable celebrities to visit is Billy Graham. He tells 3,000 inmates how to be better God-fearing men.

November 1961

Sammy Davis Jr. performs.


The movie Convicts Four is filmed here. The star lineup includes Davis, Broderick Crawford, Ben Gazzara, Vincent Price, Ray Walston and Rod Steiger.


Few people realize that Cash performed three concerts at Folsom; this is the year he made his first.

January 13, 1968

This is the visit that made Cash famous. He, June Carter, the Statler Brothers and Carl Perkins perform two shows, each with 1,000 inmates and standing room only. “Folsom Prison Blues” is introduced to a wildly hollering audience.


Cash makes yet another appearance at Folsom.


The counterculture “Father of LSD,” Timothy Leary, serves time at Folsom, where he once shared a wall with the notorious murderer below.

October 1972-July 1985

Reviled mass murderer Charles Manson is incarcerated at Folsom Prison.


The Domino Principle with stars Candace Bergen, Richard Widmark, Mickey Rooney, Eddie Albert and Eli Wallach is filmed at Folsom Prison.


The TV film Jericho Mile, about a prisoner destined to become an Olympic track star, is shot entirely at Folsom Prison.


Cookie mogul Wally Amos gives a motivational speech to 275 inmates enrolled in academic programs at the prison.

January 3, 2006

Joaquin Phoenix—who plays Johnny Cash in the 2005 film Walk the Line—screens the film for prisoners. He is accompanied by a guitar and other cast members.