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The 10 Spot – Pet Trivia

Aug 01, 2014 04:39PM ● By Style

by Alyssa Wong

From the itty bitty guppies you won at the local fair to the beloved family dog, pets are an integral part of many families. Now it’s time to test your knowledge about those furry, scaly or hairy companions.

  1. Which ancient empire considered cats a sacred animal?

  2. What is the most popular dog name in the U.S.?

  3. Which pet is banned in Maine, Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii and Pennsylvania?

  4. Which Beatles’ song features an ultrasonic whistle at the end that’s only audible to dogs (for Paul McCartney’s Shetland sheepdog)?

  5. Which rodent only blinks one eye at a time?

  6. Which reptile can see through their eyelids?

  7. Which famous poet would send locks of his dog’s hair to his adoring female fans who sent him locks of their hair?

  8. Which species of fish will become pale if kept in a dark or dim room?

  9. Which U.S. president had a pet raccoon that took walks on the White House lawn?

  10. About one million dogs in the U.S. have been made the primary beneficiary in their owner’s will. True or false?



1. Ancient Egypt
2. Max
3. Hedgehog
4. “A Day in the Life”
5. Hamsters
6. Snakes
7. Lord Byron
8. Goldfish
9. Coolidge
10. True