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El Dorado County German Shepherd Rescue

Jul 30, 2014 03:33PM ● By Style

Photography by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

When she was just two years old, Bella was surrendered to animal control. She was suffering from heartworm at the time, but Jim Wirfel and Cindy Williams looked beyond her condition and saw an otherwise wonderful German shepherd in need of care. After paying for Bella’s treatment, they found her a permanent home with Lisa Warren. “To Cindy and Jim, she was one of many, many dogs they have helped transition to better, healthier and happier lives,” Warren explains. “But to Bella, they changed her entire world. They made a difference in her life.” As a way of giving back, Warren now serves on the board for El Dorado County German Shepherd Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping dogs find loving families. With the assistance of an all-volunteer staff, they have housed and rehabilitated abandoned and shelter-bound German shepherds since 2002. “In rescue,” Cindy says, “everything is always an emergency, and dogs need places to go immediately. When an owner finally calls about their dog, it’s usually when they have to place the dog that day.” In response, the couple will continue creating boarding space and recently purchased the property adjacent to theirs with that goal in mind. The existing home will serve as volunteer headquarters, while the yard will feature kennels and, funds permitting, a dog agility course/park where families can interact with their new pet. “This has been my dream for years,” Cindy shares, “it just all takes money. Money feeds, vets and houses dogs, but we can also use donations of time and things.” (Those “things” include treats, leashes and collars, cleaning supplies, bedding, and extra-large dog crates.) “German shepherds are not a breed for everyone,” she adds. “They take lots of time, patience, exercise, and of course, love. For me, it’s been a lifetime commitment.”



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