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Mark Goddard

Jul 01, 2014 03:58PM ● By Style
Mark Goddard blends spiritual enlightenment with artistic genius to create a deeper connection between the viewer and the canvas. His work is currently on display at Shamandalas: Visual Medicine in Placerville and Fair Oaks.

AB: You have a unique combination of spirituality and art in your paintings. Do you find that it’s hard to separate yourself from your work because of this?

MG: I believe we are all interconnected—with one another as human beings, with all living things (“all our relations” as the Native Americans say) and with our planet—and I see this interconnectivity as natural and harmonious. My passions, my spirituality and my love of nature and spirit are all reflected in my art. I see my life as a kind of game or dance. I learn about myself and how I move in the world, and through that learning, attempt to help others. I have a strong sense of faith in the universe and myself. My creative process is a form of meditation and introspection, as well as being a conduit for healing intention out in the world. Each piece is actually attuned to a different chakra or energy center. It’s a way that I can connect with people and the planet, both as a healer and an artist. I’m honored to have my art featured in more than eight countries and over 50 online global galleries, so I feel like I’m an integral part of my work and my world. I take comfort in that sense of union and purpose.

AB: Do you always paint in series or do you have individual pieces that stand on their own?

MG: My current completed series has been the most popular and gratifying of all the art I‘ve done so far, and I’m currently really enjoying working in series, with several more concepts for future ones planned. I’m working on a new piece that will be the first in a series entitled Sacred Geometry and Angels. In the past, I created single pieces (mostly landscapes and abstracts).

AB: Your educational background is an interesting mix of fine art and science. How do you feel that has shaped your artistic style?

MG: My science background has given me precision, a pursuit of detail and perfectionism that I love. My art background is a flowering of my love of nature. Through this, I see the perfection in the imperfection, which is something you cannot capture using a computer graphics program—even though I’ve used these for many years as a graphic artist and small business website designer.

AB: What would you most like to say to the young artists?

MG: Pursue art from your heart. Have the confidence that if your passion in life is to be an artist you will find a way to do it and make a living. See your life as a game of strategy, pursue a broad education (get the sciences, get the humanities), and develop your spiritual side. All things you learn will come in handy—some in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

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