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Meet Parrots Luther and Larry Bird

Jul 01, 2014 05:16PM ● By Style
The renovation of Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary’s parrot exhibit took place during wintertime. While the outside air was chilly, the birds stayed in roomy and warm cages inside staff offices. Changes included the addition of multiple nest boxes, new branches (some with “daisy mats” for healthy feet), enhanced food and water perches and more room to roam. Although his true age is unknown, blue-fronted Amazon parrot Luther came to the sanctuary in 1997; companion Larry Bird arrived in 1999. These birds of a feather truly flock together and are close friends. Bird training manuals suggest these parrots “are nearly perfect when it comes to companion bird species”; however, “training takes patience and positive reinforcement.” For Larry, the loving friendship offered by zoo staff is not reciprocated; he waits for any opportunity to dive at (and bite) zookeepers. Is he “protecting” pal Luther? We like to think so.
— Roberta Ratcliff