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Dinner Date – July 2014

Jun 30, 2014 04:03PM ● By Style

Shrimp Wrapped in Prosciutto

Image titleMichael Chiarello’s Live Fire: 125 Recipes for Cooking Outdoors by Michael Chiarello with Ann Krueger Spivack and Claudia Sansone
(Chronicle Books, 2013, $35)
Really good fresh shrimp, cooked quickly in a hot pan for just a minute or two, and then wrapped in prosciutto is my version of “surf and turf.” They’re light and easy, as well as completely satisfying. You can make them on the stove but I urge you to cook them either at the hearth or over a fire pit outdoors. Serve with a clean, citrusy salad.

  • 24 large, perfectly-peeled, fresh Gulf shrimp
  • Coarse sea salt, preferably gray salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 3 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil, plus more if needed
  • 12 thin slices prosciutto
  • 12 ripe figs
  • Rosemary sprigs for garnish (optional)

Build a fire in the bottom of a Tuscan grill (visit for a description) set in your fireplace, or directly on the floor of your fireplace. Allow the fire to burn until the flames have died down and the glowing wood provides a steady, even heat.

Heat a large cast-iron pan or plancha on the rack of the Tuscan grill or directly over the fire. (You can do this on your stove if you prefer.) Season the shrimp with salt and pepper. Pour in the olive oil, and cook as many shrimp as will fit in the pan but don’t crowd them. Cook them in batches if you have to. Cook the shrimp until they’re just turning pink, 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer to a platter to cool.
Wipe out the pan or the plancha with paper towels while the shrimp cool. When they’re cool enough to handle, wrap each shrimp in a slice of prosciutto. It helps to have a big cutting board on which to work. Just place it on the floor beside the fire. Gently place the shrimp bundles into the hot dry pan, put the pan back on the rack or directly on the fire, and cook until they’re warmed through, just a minute or two.

To serve, tear the figs into four pieces each with your fingers (you’re at the hearth—forget about the knife!) and arrange the shrimp bundles and torn figs on a platter. If you like, add a few rosemary sprigs to the plate. Take a bite of shrimp followed by a bite of fig. Enjoy. Serves 4.


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Heather Zamarripa, Executive Chef, 36 Handles Pub & Eatery